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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nestldown! The season begins...

Bride and her father enter Nestldown "Chapel"; photo by Rhee Bevere (www.rheebevere.com),

In case you have not yet discovered the wonder of Nestldown, www.nestldown.com, please allow me to introduce you to this gem of a venue, tucked away in the hills above Los Gatos, California!

Recently Nestldown hosted an Open House, to introduce engaged couples to the magic of the venue, and to showcase the vendors who often work with couples getting married there. As one of the preferred coordinators for Nestldown, I was able to be a part of the Open House, meeting couples, and describing how all the levels of this exquisite property are incorporated into the flow of their wedding day.

It was especially easy for me to describe the flow of a wedding day at Nestldown, since just 3 days earlier, I had coordinated Paul and Nasim's wedding there---the first of my Nestldown weddings for 2008.

While Nasim was getting dressed in the Bride's Room up on the highest level of the Nestldown property, my staff and I were working down at the Barn where the reception would be held, setting up the escort cards in the moss trays supplied by Karen Baba (www.plandecor.com).

I was also involved in checking the table arrangements, and working out details with the catering staff; Nasim and Paul chose to dine inside the Barn, but many couples have their wedding dinner out on the lawn, beside the Koi Pond.

Below is the area where guests would come for cocktails after the ceremony. The table in the foreground was later set up for the Polaroid Guest book table, managed by two of Nasim's young cousins...it was a big hit!

Meanwhile, up at the Bride's Room, Kim Sayre was getting shots of Nasim, her dress, the hair and makeup preparations, and Nasim with her mother, helping her put on her wedding gown.

At exactly the right time, when all was set and ready for the reception, I went up to bring the lovely bride out to ride in the Nestldown taxi to the Redwood grove known as the Chapel, for the ceremony.

Nasim and Paul chose to enter the ceremony together, coming down the romantic Nestldown stairway to join their families and guests who were waiting to witness their vows, and celebrate their marriage commitment.

Here is another "meanwhile back at the barn" shot, showing the guest book table with cameras ready to go, and a member of the catering staff checking to be sure all was in readiness for the guests' arrival.

After the ceremony, while the guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, Paul and Nasim made time for some special shots with Kimberly throughout the Nestldown property, including one in the tree house...it was a challenge for Paul, who stands 6 feet and 8 inches tall, to maneuver into this child sized structure, but the pleased look on Nasim's face made it all worthwhile!

After dinner, there was lots of dancing, including the traditional Persian folk dances, which had everyone up on the floor! Kimberly caught the action, as the Barn was transformed into an orb of movement and smiles.

Working at Nestldown is a privilege and an honor for me; I treasure each occasion I have to work there, so participating in the Open House, and coordinating Paul and Nasim's wedding, both in one week, provided a wonderful beginning for my summer wedding season.

I encourage you to consider Nestldown if you are a couple looking for a location to be married....as you can see from the Fantasy Cottage, there is a feel of magic at Nestldown!