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Monday, February 22, 2010

Buttons and butterflies, the Film!

Please enjoy memories, recorded by Justin and Georgina of Weddings on Film, of Brandon and Marissa's Nestldown wedding...don't miss the monarch butterfly release, the 1000 cranes as backdrop to the wedding ceremony, the surprise ice cream truck, the all button wedding bouquets, pinwheel centerpieces, and of course, Marissa's shoes!

Marissa and Brandon's Nestldown Wedding Film from Justin Ferar on Vimeo.

Thank you Brandon and Marissa for including me in your wonderful celebration!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Credo, Four Seasons welcome TAPD!

Wedding 360 has some new treats in store for the attendees of The Academy for Planners + Designers, March 14-16th!

We have secured the beautiful Four Seasons San Francisco for our Monday March 15th, classes, while the St. Regis Ballroom, where we will have classes on Tuesday, is being totally transformed for the Museum of Petals Dinner, on Monday evening, in honor of Grace Ormonde!

And, Credo, the newest addition to SF bistro hot spots, will be hosting a farewell happy hour for TAPD attendees on Tuesday, March 16th!

This week Jubilee and I visited both venues to discuss details for welcoming our guests to SF; I just want to give you a sample of what is in store!

This is the view from terrace outside the Four Seasons SF Veranda Ballroom, where Wedding 360 will host all Monday TAPD classes, as well as Continental Breakfast and Buffet Lunch during the day. Having a chance to experience two distinctly different luxury SF Hotels will be an added bonus to our guests from outside San Francisco, as well as for locals who already love these two venues.

On Monday morning, our registrants will enter the Four Seasons through the lobby....

...move through the Prefunction area...

...turn the corner and be greeted by our wonderful Wedding 360 staff and volunteers; here Stacie Hallinan, Catering Sales Manager for the Four Seasons SF, and Jubilee show provide stand in for those you will meet on March 15th.

Next we met Linda Hylen, venue coordinator of the Julia Morgan Ballroom, who will be hosting our Farewell Cocktail Party. Credo is owned by Clinton Reilly, owner of the Merchant's Exchange Building and the Julia Morgan Ballroom.
CREDO means I believe, in Latin, so the walls are covered with memorable quotations which begin with the line "I believe...." ! As an English major, I was more fascinated by the words than anything else, but believe me, the food was fantastic too...Northern Italian cuisine, with a California flair!

Linda Hylen pulled us into a photo with Credo's executive chef, who is of course, Italian!

Jubilee's favorite, Tiramissou, with the classic C for Credo...Jubilee later said, "I believe"..... I have found the best Tiramissou outside of Rome!"

I liked the Glow -worm quote best!!

Jubilee and Linda Hylen, pose in the private downstairs dining area at Credo...this is probably where we will host our farewell Happy Hour!

As always Credo was packed with the many fans who have discovered this hip bistro, which opened less than a month ago.

Please register now for the Academy for Planners + Designers! You will have an Insider's tour of San Francisco's best venues, while learning from some of the undisputed national leaders in the Wedding Industry!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos from The Wedding University!

Janae Shields, our exclusive photographer/sponsor for The Wedding University
has provided us with a slide show of the entire day! Please experience the fun, learning and creativity abounding at TWU, through Janae's excellent images!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eye candy from Gumps

This weekend, I attended Wedding Chic at Gumps in San Francisco, with Stacie, my bride for an October wedding; I suggested we attend this annual bridal event to get ideas gown, flowers, cake, and invitation selections as we plan her Fall Wedding. My intern, Katie Moua, was with us, and took a few photos of the action and "eye candy" at Gumps.

View from the second floor at Gumps, looking down past the well-known custom lantern display, to the main floor. We enjoyed being upstairs, where Taste Catering, I Dream of Cake, and
Elegant Cheesecakes were offering samples...yummm!

Kathleen Deery provided beautiful floral displays, to match the elegant place settings created by the retail staff at Gumps.

Stacie and I examined closely the detail on one of the gowns provided by Marina Morrison.

I particularly loved this cake and table top design; the bird and branches theme was supported by the sweets displayed on the small tray arrangement..each round cake was rolled in what looked like birdseed...it was probably sesame, flax, and other humanly edible seed, but it certainly reminded me of bird seed!

As we left, Stacie and I were given a rather heavy gift bag; among other treats and treasures, we each received a personal cheese cake from Elegant Cheesecakes, and a selection of hand crafted candy from Woodhouse Chocolate. It was great to enjoy eye candy at Wedding Chic, as well as real candy when we got home!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Video of The Wedding University

We were privileged to have Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV as our professor of Event Film Making, as well as the producer of a "Same Day Edit" which he filmed and compiled all day, while the student moved from class to class. This clip was used by Andrew at the end of the day, so exemplify how a film, well shot and edited, can capture the excitement of a day. Thank you Andrew!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time for friends, Le Papillon

This week one of my favorite caterers, Le Papillon, generously invited over 80 Wedding Professionals who know and love the owner, Mike Mashayekh, to have lunch in his beautiful restaurant in San Jose. The food and service were amazing, as always; the time away from the office, a much needed treat after the intense work for The Wedding University this weekend; and the indescribable joy of reconnecting with wedding industry friends, a balm to a tired planner!

Tanja Lippert and I have been friends since she and her husband Ryan first moved their photography business to the Los Gatos area, about 5 years ago.

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini, Tanja, and Augie Chang...all beloved friends and respected colleagues.

Linda Hylen, venue manager at Julia Morgan Ballroom, and my partner, Jubilee Lau...Linda has been our 'mentor' as we developed our vision for Wedding 360 over the last year and a half. We love Linda!

One of the 4 courses presented in elegant style during the 3 hour luncheon...you really spoiled us, Mike, and we loved it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wedding University--A HIT!

Jubilee Lau, Janece Shellooe, our Administrator, and I have been planning The Wedding University, produced by Wedding 360, for an entire year---January 31st, 2010 was the Big Day! It was a success in many ways, the most important being how encouraged and energized the engaged couples felt after a full day of learning from top Bay Area wedding professionals, and being pampered by the Four Seasons Silicon Valley

The best way for me to share with you all that went on Sunday at
The Wedding University, is to link you to Stacie Tamaki's live blog post; she was with us throughout the day, constantly sharing her photos and comments from the arrival of the first couple, to the break down and clean up at the end of the day.

Introduction of The Wedding University Professors as the day began

The opening session in the ballroom, with Ron Grandia, our MC

The professors prepare to meet their students!

The Penthouse, one of 4 design showcase vignettes designed by Gloria Wong and Nancy Liu Chin, as foundations for their teaching on Design and Decor at The Wedding University.
(all photos by Stacie Tamaki)

Thank you so much Stacie, for your support and encouragement all year, as we planned for TWU 2010, and for the full day of coverage you gave us yesterday!

I will be adding some personal comments from our students in the days ahead, as well as the same day edit provided by Andrew Hsu, of Studio MSV!