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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I love my career!

The tagline of Jean Marks Weddings is "...beside the bride to help as needed." I am encouraged to know that my being alongside the brides (and grooms!) who hire me is of great value to them. Their trust and appreciation, as exemplified in this blog post, are why I love my career!

For me, the most valuable part of helping couples plan their weddings is the warmth and friendship that develops between us as we work together to bring their wedding dreams into reality.

Recently I was encouraged, coincidentally all in the same week, by three of my wonderful Fall 2010 couples; each one reached out in different ways to say Thank You! I had fun taking photos of the gifts and cards sent to me, so I can always have the memories nearby!

First I received this lovely card from Christine and Steve, who were married in October at Allied Arts in Menlo Park; because Steve is from England and Christine has spent years living in the New York area, they are planning celebrations this winter/spring in both Cambridge and Upper New York State...I wish I could help plan those two, but the distance is a bit daunting!

Christine and Steve had a very personal wedding with elements of Christine's passion for music (she is a concert pianist), Steve's love of all things British (he graduated from Cambridge University), and their mutual enjoyment of fine California wine, "English" garden settings, and vintage cars. I will have photos from their wedding soon, and will create a blog to share their many wonderful details.

That same day I had breakfast in Palo Alto with Stacie, who was also married this Fall. She had mentioned that she had something for me, and when I saw her come in with a rose bush, ready to be planted, I was ecstatic! Stacie knows I love to grow roses, and that peach tones are my favorites (my logo has at its center a photo I took of a peach/yellow rose growing in my garden). It is especially endearing that Stacie chose this rose for me because Tropicana was her late grandmother's favorite rose. As Stacie gave the plant to me she said, "Now you can have something in your garden to remind you of Ronnie and me, and of my grandmother whom you never met." Wow, what could I say, except Thank You with a big hug, and a few tears of gratitude. The rose is already planted in it's own pot on my deck, so I can see it every day!
Please take a look at my blog post for a reminder of Stacie and Ron's Fogarty Winery wedding.

And at end of the same day there was one more amazing surprise from another Fall 2010 client: Felecia, who married Jim in October, asked Nancy Liu Chin, who designed the flowers for her wedding day, to create and deliver to me the arrangement and note pictured above; what a delightful and totally enjoyable surprise! Thank you Nancy and Felecia!
I placed the bouquet out on my deck, overlooking my recently pruned roses, to enjoy as I savored a cup of tea and thanked God for the opportunity I have each year to get to know such wonderful couples.
If you have time, check out my blog post about Felecia and Jim's incredible Treasure Island wedding celebration.

Now I am seriously involved in planning weddings for my 2011 clients; we are well on our way to creating life-long friendships as we partner to plan one of the most important events of their life together! I am sure it is evident why I love my career!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hollywood Romance in SF Set!

"I recently coordinated an incredibly unique wedding in San Francisco, on Treasure Island, which had such a wonderful story behind it that every detail of the design incorporated part of the story. Gloria Wong, the designer, Nancy Liu Chin, the florist, and Peculiar Pair Press, the stationer, were the design team who took the couple's vision and made their dream come true in the details....." This is a quote from my October blog post about Felecia and Jim's October wedding in San Francisco.

I have just received Catherine Hall's SLIDE SHOW of Felecia and Jim's wedding; I invite you to enjoy the images of a Hollywood-themed wedding with a San Francisco "set".

I also have some new images from Catherine which capture the joy between the bride and groom, as well as the dramatic surroundings and decor which served as a backdrop for each part of the wedding day.

Felecia and Jim at their wedding reception

Perfect Endings Wedding Cake with edible feathers!

Felecia and Jim's guest book was a tribute to Classic Hollywood.

Above and below, Paparazzi from A Cast of Thousands, greeted Felecia and Jim as they arrived at Casa de la Vista, and just before they were introduced into dinner; what could be more "Hollywood" than paparazzi, clamoring for a shot of the arriving "stars!"

Drama was included in the decor...black, white, silver, feathers and bling, as well as the view of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco Bay!

The menu and table settings dripped "over the top Hollywood glamor"!

Every escort card was hand addressed and embellished with a bling encrusted feather!

Felecia and Jim considered the guests comfort on a cool San Francisco evening.

A Sunset Shot to remember, thanks to Nature's dramatic wind and clouds

Felecia and Jim's Wedding Programs; another tribute to the world of theatre.

The next four images show the pre-ceremony shots of Jim and Felecia with the old world beauty and drama of Grace Cathedral, the Historic Intercontinental Mark Hopkins.

Jim, sporting his beloved Texas Cowboy boots, waits for the first look at his bride, in the most famous corner of the Top of the Mark, at the Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill.

A perfect day and a perfect moment for the first meeting of Jim and Felecia; as you can imagine arranging the private use of this space with the hotel management and restaurant guests was nothing short of miraculous. (This is a story for another day, with the title: What Wedding Coordinators Coordinate "Behind the Scenes"!)

Felecia and Jim ready to leave for Treasure Island, and their official wedding celebration!

Thanks for the Memories, Jim and Felecia! You both win an Academy Award in my book for starring roles in your real life love story!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank you Catherine Hall!

Stacie and her father as they were entering the ceremony; so much warmth and connection captured by Catherine Hall!

I am so grateful for the relationships that form within the wedding community! As a planner, I enjoy becoming close to the brides and grooms whom I serve each year; at the same time, I develop strong ties of respect and love for the colleagues who work alongside me during the months of planning as well as the day of the wedding.

Please enjoy the blog post by Catherine Hall, describing our beloved Stacie and Ron, whose Fall Thomas Fogarty Winery wedding I featured in my previous blog.

A huge thank you to Catherine, who has given Stacie and Ron incredible memories of the wedding of their dreams. It was my privilege to grow closer to Stacie, Ron, their family members, Catherine and all of my fantastic team as we shared the joy of serving well a couple we treasured. Enjoy the reminders of family connections, enduring love, and a beautiful wedding celebration!

The "first look", arranged before the ceremony by Catherine and me so the special moment could be savored with a moment alone.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stacie and Ron at Fogarty...Sigh!

I had the privilege of helping Stacie and Ron plan their elegant Fall wedding at Fogarty Winery, as well as the joy of getting to know them in the process. What an exquisitely beautiful bride is Stacie, and so in love with her handsome groom. Usually I would take time to describe the amazing decor, elegant dinner, and the details of the day; for this wedding, I will allow Catherine Hall's pictures to tell the story. Please enjoy the "eye candy" and know that the inside of this wonderful couple is as beautiful as the outside.

Thank you to my wonderful team who worked so hard to plan and carry out the wedding Stacie and Ron had been dreaming of; and thank you Catherine for capturing the beauty so lovingly!

Ceremony Music: Mori Achen Trio
Officiant: John Sullivan
Makeup: Jenna Perry
Transportation: Lone Star Limousine
Wedding Day: Janece Shellooe