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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I always make New Year's Resolutions early in January, and by this time in February I have almost forgotten what they were! This year I am going on the record, with photos to prove it, that I have already made some decisions that support my Promises to Jean, for 2011.


Baby Shower for Gloria Wong Tritasavit! Friends Nancy Liu Chin, Jubilee Lau, Gloria and Baby Taylor Tritasavit, soon to arrive, Bev Yip, and Lisa Lefkowitz

Bridgette, Jubilee's daughter, John Woods and Jubilee at Gloria's shower.

Janece Shelloe, myself and Ellie Platis...a reunion at the Claremont Resort and Spa!

A toast to the year ahead followed by a beautiful sunset overlooking the SF Bay.


Uncle Jimmy with his friend the neighborhood milkman, Michal, at Jimmy's 92nd birthday party at my house. Michal sees Jimmy every day walking to get his coffee at the local coffee shop and they have struck up a strong friendship, through sign language and jokes, since Jimmy is totally deaf.

Taking Jimmy to the Italian Zuppe Family Circus was a special treat; the son and grandson of the owners of the Zuppe family connected with Jimmy in the audience because Jimmy was so enthusiastic about the slapstick humor and amazing acrobatics of Arnoldi Zuppe and his 1 year old son.


We took a 3 day trip to Capitola recently to hike, relax, and reconnect with each other; it was great to slow down and enjoy the simple things we don't always make time for in our busy lives. I am so thankful for our 30 years of marriage; our solid faith in God and wacky sense of humor have sustained and encouraged all along the way!

The rainbow was a bonus...how could we complain about a rainy weekend when you can only see rainbows at those times?!

Sunset time at Capitola Harbor


I found my photo of a Spring arrangement I made completely from flowers in my garden; seeing this bouquet encouraged me to get out and rediscover my garden and care for the 35 Roses, mounds of Feverfew, Forget me Nots and other perennials which are all still in my garden, just waiting for attention!
A few weeks ago Jeff and I weeded, pruned, and put wonderful smelly mulch all around my flower beds, just before the big rains hit--perfect timing! Last year I was too busy to do any of this! The floral results of my gardening care and the abundance of rain should be spectacular! Stay tuned for 2011 bouquets on my blog!

So I have set a precedent, and now I must keep up with my resolutions. Along with caring for my beloved wedding clients, I will also spend time with friends, family and in my garden!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wedding 360 Update

It is with some sadness, yet with clear assurance that we are making the right choice, that Jubilee and I recently sent out the letter copied below. The photo was taken a year ago when Wedding 360 was producing both Wedding University at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley, and the Academy for Planners + Designers, at the St. Regis in San Francisco. Both events were amazingly successful, and Jubilee and I are proud to have provided rich educational opportunities for both engaged couples and wedding professionals. The letter below explains our plans for 2011 and beyond.

January 2010, TV Interview about Wedding 360 with Julie (Four Seasons Silicon Valley), Jubilee and

A Personal Letter from Jean and Jubilee

January 27th, 2011

Dear Friends of Wedding 360,

A little over 2 years ago we started out to raise the bar for wedding planning and design; we wanted to help engaged couples learn from experts as they planned their own weddings, and we as Wedding Professionals wanted to learn from the best in the field so we could become better Planners and Designers ourselves.

In the process of creating the Wedding University, Wedding 360, and the Academy for Planners + Designers, we have learned that our passion is still in helping couples plan and design their own weddings.

We see that it is impossible for us to provide top level service for our wedding clients and at the same time, lead and manage a second business.
Therefore, as of February 28th, 2011, we will discontinue our partnership as the leaders of Wedding 360 LLC; we are open to passing on the vision and brand we have established should the right successor emerge. However, at this time, we are choosing to focus our energy and professionalism on our individual wedding planning businesses, Jean Marks Weddings and Jubilee Lau Events, which we have spent the last 8 years establishing here in the SF Bay Area.

We are both incredibly grateful to each of you who have encouraged us, and been a part of the planning and execution of two Wedding Universities and the Academy for Planners + Designers. What we treasure most about Wedding 360 are the friendships we have made with so many of you, and we know those friendships will be ongoing. We may now have more time to actually stop and enjoy getting to know you, instead of always scheduling meetings or conference calls!

Our online educational videos will be up until the end of February, and we highly encourage you to view them while they are still available. The third and final teaching by Todd Fiscus, recently filmed at Todd Event Studios, is now available, along with the 2 prior segments. Please do not miss the opportunity to watch all three of these incredibly helpful and inspirational videos, while they are still available. We are sure that watching and learning directly from Todd Fiscus will provide a new burst of enthusiasm and creative energy for your 2011 Wedding Season!

Please feel free to email us; we would love to hear from you!


Jean and Jubilee, Founders of Wedding 360 LLC