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Monday, July 30, 2012

A planner's view.....

It is always fun to watch an artist in action, and I am able to do that whenever a photographer like Vero Suh is shooting a wedding I coordinate.  

Throughout Jennie and Andrew's wedding day, I was in the background managing the timeline I had created, directing and confirming the arrival and departure times for each vehicle at each location, and gathering the necessary participants for each photo session in each location.

In a way, I am always setting up the scene so the artists (Photographers and Videographers) can take over to capture priceless images of the bride, groom, family members and wedding party.  Photographers and Videographers need time to be creative with the memories they are capturing, so I am happy to be someone who can build that time into the wedding day.

 For this shot,  I needed to let the driver of the vintage Plymouth  know where to pull into Gamble Garden so there would be privacy and shade; the car had been chosen as a tribute to Jennie's grandfather who worked in the auto industry for decades.  In this car, Jennie would ride to the church with her father to marry Andrew.  It was a nostalgic moment, and needed to be well recorded.  Therefore, I allowed extra time for photographs before Jennie's departure to record the details.

Thank you Vero, for capturing timeless images, and for sharing them so beautifully in your blog

I look forward to seeing the footage of these same scenes captured by the videographer, Major Diamond Productions

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A walk through at Villa Montalvo

Within a few weeks of each of my weddings I schedule a "walk through" with my clients to finalize the vision and details for their wedding day; recently I met with Suzi and Drew to walk through the spaces they will be using for their ceremony and reception in August at the beautiful Villa Montalvo.  

 This photo embodies what I am most passionate about in my role as a wedding planner...helping a couple who love each other deeply walk into their future as husband and wife.  What a privilege it is to walk alongside them and help as needed.

The ceremony will take place in the romantic Love Temple, located at the lower part of the Villa's expansive lawn.  Drew and Suzi were walking ahead of me as we made our way down to the ceremony site to determine where the wedding party will stand.  I am so glad I could capture this image-- Drew and Suzy have been looking forward to their wedding day for over 2 years, and now in just a few short weeks, it will become a reality.  I am extremely grateful to be enjoying the company and friendship of Drew and Suzy in the process of helping plan their wedding day.

This is the view Suzi and Drew will have as they exchange vows before 150 of their friends and family.  After the ceremony the guests will be invited up to the Villa for cocktails in the Spanish Courtyard, dinner on the Veranda looking across the lawn towards the love temple, and then dancing inside the Villa to celebrate Drew and Suzi's marriage.  

The Italian Garden, which has the love temple at its center, was built by Senator James Phelan in 1912 as part of his estate, Villa Montalvo.  You can learn more about the history of the Villa here.

I promise to share photos of the wedding day itself as soon as I have them...right now I need to get back to work on the timeline, vendor management and logistics, which are also a big part of how the romance and beauty come together on the wedding day! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alice and Mike are in the Knot, Northern CA!

Congratulations to Alice and Mike!
Their beautiful Spring wedding at Rosewood Sand Hill was made even more unforgettable when  a rainbow appeared just as they were exiting their wedding ceremony. White umbrellas had been supplied quickly to guests and the wedding party as the raindrops started falling during the processional; but by the recessional, the umbrellas were put away and all eyes were following the bride and groom as they walked towards the rainbow.  Click here for more photos and vendor details.