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Monday, August 9, 2010

On Top of the World!

Charlotte and Peter could not have had a more perfect day for their wedding at Fogarty Winery, just off of Skyline Boulevard in Woodside! The feeling of being "on top of the world" was a gift to each of Peter and Charlotte's guests, but imagine how it felt to Peter and Charlotte as they exchanged vows in this setting! I will share more about the wedding when I have the images taken by Catherine Hall, but for now, mine will give you a sense of the Mountain top experience!

We set the ceremony table just as Peter and Charlotte had requested it, with the Chinese Tea Service (the pot is missing here, because the tea was being brewed) for the Tea Ceremony to honor the parents, as well as with a bottle of wine, and 2 crystal goblets, so the couple could honor each other with a warm and loving wedding toast.

Cobalt blue, brown, and white, Peter and Charlotte's wedding colors, were beautifully carried out by Amy Burke Designs. It was uncanny how the blue of the sky that day was a perfect match for Amy's flowers!

After the ceremony, Peter and Charlotte joined their family and friends for dinner, again "On Top of the World"...the pavilion, where Componere Fine Catering served a delicious dinner, has the same view as the ceremony lawn, just a bit further down the hill.

Peter and Charlotte's colors were carried out in the floral centerpieces as well ase menus, designed and printed by Hello Lucky, who also provided their Save the Date, Invitaiton, Escort Cards, and Table Names.

A delicious almond/ginger cake was created and decorated by BethAnn of Studio Cake, with hand made flowers, and ribbon to match the linens used in the dancing/dessert part of the celebraton.

The Hill House at Fogarty Winery provides another opportunity to be "On Top of the World"! I always encourage my clients to provide lounge furniture (this was rented from Hartmann Studios) in a spot like the Hill House. It is so nice to have an area for guests to relax with a glass of wine, while taking in the panorama of the view below them.
Within minutes of my taking this photo, Peter and Charlotte's guests were filling the area, eating wedding cake, dancing to the music of DJ Raffi, and of course, enjoying their "On Top of the World" view!

I was so grateful for the opportunity to help Peter and Charlotte prepare and plan for each part of their incredible wedding celebration. I cannot take any credit for the clear day, the beautiful view, or the delightful family and guests who gathered to celebrate with Peter and Charlotte. But I was very happy to see everything come together so perfectly.... I did get to sit down in this lovely lounge environment, only briefly, just to see how it would feel to be one of Peter and Charlotte's guests, soaking in the view. It was like a dream to slow down for a moment and realize that I get to work "On Top of the World"!
Congratulations, Peter and Charlotte!