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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding 360 is Launched!

Announcement, Announcement!

I have just launched a new business! Wedding 360 LLC, will be an adjunct to my thriving wedding planning business, to provide inspiring and helpful educational programs geared to engaged couples and wedding professionals. Many of you will remember The Wedding University, which Jubilee Lau and I founded with Julie Kiendra and Kelly Nelson, at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley, February 8th, 2009.

Jubilee and I spoke to a "full house" last February, at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley, for The Inaugural Wedding University; my topics were "Creating a Timeline that Works", and " It's All about the Experience". I will be enlarging on these topics, providing more details and handouts this year.

After the day was over, I enjoyed chatting with couples who attended The Wedding University.

The event was amazingly successful! Requests poured in for more similar events. At the same time, Jubilee and I realized what a passion we have for helping couples plan their weddings, and for working with the professionals who are part of the wedding industry. One evening, over dinner, we decided to start a business together, to do more of what we love!
It has been a very demanding and stretching time for us since that decision last March, but here we are, with a new business, a new website, and lots of plans for more elegant and educational events in the months and years ahead.

Please visit our new website:


for a full description of our vision and plans for Wedding 360!!

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