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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Darren, Tiffany, and me..

Working with Tiffany and Darren during the last 8 months, has been a joy! And seeing so many of their wedding dreams and ideas come become reality on Saturday at Kohl Mansion was a gift! I don't think I have ever smiled so much as I did during this wedding reception...the love and happiness were infectious!

The photo Darren took at the beach after he had proposed to Tiffany, became the focal point for the guest sign-in matte.

The vine pattern in Tiffany's wedding band became the theme for the invitations, as well as the gobo design on the walls at Kohl, the cake, and the dining table linens.

The morning began with Nellie Muganda's personal makeup care in Tffany's lovely suite at Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores.

We gathered details as requested by our photographer, Catherine Hall, so they could be captured before the day got going. Included were the invitation, the hand bag Tiffany's mother made for her, the save the date, wedding bands, favor, program, and menu.

Kohl Mansion had never looked better, in my opinion, than it did for Tiffany and Darren's wedding; with rentals by Hartmann Studios, lighting by
Enhanced Lighting, and flowers by Church Street Flowers, the ambiance was rich and elegant, while remaining warm and welcoming.

The floral vine pattern motif was used effectively by John of Enhanced Lighting, to create a wash on the walls and ceiling which made Tiffany and Darren's theme design pattern wrap the room in light and warmth.

And even the cake, designed by Studio Cake, carried the scroll- like vine motif between each layer.

As tired as I was at the end of Tiffany and Darren's wedding day, I was sad to see it end...the wedding planning journey had brought us close in all the ups and downs of the real life that goes on in any 8 month period of time. We had laughed together, worked hard together, and prayed together. The bond we formed was very strong, and I was sad to see the day come to an end.

BUT, the very next day I got this email:

There aren't enough words to express our thankfulness for you. We felt that the wedding was truly magical and had the freedom to soak it all in thanks to your hard work behind the scenes. I'm sure we'll never know even half of what you've done and we want to make sure you know how indebted we are. I told several people just how wonderful it was to be able to pray with you and to know that you were praying for us.
Darren and I are sitting at SFO basking in the afterglow of last night. Thanks again for everything and we look forward to a full debrief when we get back.

Tiffany & Darren

Sent from my

Yea!! This is the best gift I could have received that day; the assurance that their wedding day was all they had hoped for, and that my service had been a part of that! I look forward to hearing about their time in Bora Bora when they return, and reminiscing about their magical Kohl wedding celebration!

These other fabulous vendors were part of the Darren/Tiffany team:
Ethan Mantle, of Componere Fine Catering
Matthew Cope, of Sound in Motion
Karen Nalvarian, of Shawn Cavlan Beauty Co

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