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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inside the Conservatory of Flowers

As a gardener, I never turn down a chance to see anything relating to plants, flowers, and gardening; therefore, an invitation this week, to sample some of
Global Gourmet's Spring delicacies, inside the historic Conservatory of Flowers, in San Francisco, was too perfect to even consider missing. My intern, Katie Moua was able to join me for the event, to experience the delicious food of one of the most popular caterers in San Francisco, and to meet and mingle with the amazing group of wedding professionals I work alongside all year.

Katie and I stop for a moment before entering the Global Gourmet party inside the Conservatory of Flowers. GG now qualifies as a 100% FULL service caterer; the staff member greeting us at the door, offered to come out and take our photo in front! I call that above and beyond service!

Speaking of interns, one of my recent interns, Monique Rodarte, now works full time for Global Gourmet, so she was there to welcome us, and escort us through the newly renovated, century old Conservatory of Flowers. It makes me really happy to see my interns become solidly a part of the wedding world, where they desired to work; when Alicia Slater, from Global Gourmet, emailed me looking for a new staff member, I was happy to recommend Monique, and according to all involved, it has been a perfect match!

Monique and I, as we enter the Conservatory of Flowers, remembering all the fun and hard work we shared as she assisted me in my 2009 wedding season. Now she is heading into her own wedding season as a vital part of the Global Gourmet catering sales team. Congratulations, Monique!

There are many wonderful things about having an intern, and especially competent ones like Monique and now Katie, but one of them is they are there to take pictures! Katie got a shot of this group of my friends, gathered beside the soup/salad bite bar (see photo of the soup and salad presentation below)

Dave Etheridge, A Video Reflection, Duncan Reyes, Duncan Reyes Events by Design, me with the soup/salad bites, Nelle of Zazoom Events, and Ann Saavedra, Dreamcatcher Events

The food and lounge area was set up in the tent, just a few steps outside the Conservatory; this tent is the perfect venue for a wedding and/or wedding reception for up to 150-180 guests. Got Light, Blueprint Studios, and Bluewater Party Rentals did a fantastic job of enhancing the welcoming, warm and modern feel of this area.

As always, at these wonderful wedding industry events, I was able to make new friends while enjoying reconnecting with my long term colleagues. I have been in touch with Amber, the owner of newly launched Sweet on Cake, in Napa, but finally getting to meet her was a special treat. I look forward to the personal cake tasting we will be setting up later in March, and the fun of getting to know her more in the months and years ahead.

Getting to know Amber as we toasted the great food at this Short Ribs station...seasoned perfectly, this all- American comfort food truly melted in your mouth!

My friend Rafael Campos, owner of Spiral Hand Floral and Event Design, sponsored the floral decor for the GG event; I love what he did with long Forsythia branches woven artistically into the arc which enhances the tent area.

Branches of the early Spring blooming Forsythia create texture for the lighted arc on one side of the tent; I was very impressed that Rafael incorporated a huge photo of the blooming forsythia into the buffet table provided by Blueprint Studios. Well done, Rafael and Blueprint!

Here is the soup/salad plate I mentioned. Wild Mushroom Soup in a tiny espresso cup, with small but intensely flavored spinach salad bites, were perfect for the cool SF evening. Katie cleverly took this photo with the plate positioned on the table where Rafael had added his Forsythia branch photo, under glass.

I encourage engaged couples, and anyone planning a special party, to consider the Conservatory of Flowers as your venue. I met the wonderful new Program Coordinator for the property, Morgan Davis. She will be happy to give you all the information you need to book your wedding or event at the newly renovated Conservatory of flowers. Morgan can be reached at 415.846.0538, or at mdavis@sfcof.org

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