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Friday, July 23, 2010

W360 goes to Dallas!

Recently Wedding 360 went to Dallas to film 3 brand new teaching sessions with Todd Fiscus, the creative genius behind Todd Events, a multi-tiered, award winning design studio. Todd was one of our professors in March for the Academy for Planners and Designers in San Francisco. His content was so popular with the wedding professionals who watched it on our Online Academy, that we took Andrew Hsu, our W360 Videographer, and went to Todd's studio to capture on film more of Todd's boundless design and business expertise.

The Wedding 360 Filming team: Andrew Hsu, Todd Fiscus, Jubilee Lau, and Jean Marks (Jubilee and Jean are the founders of Wedding 360 LLC)

This is the headquarters and hub of the wedding and event planning division of Todd Events; we were able to use The Apartment, a popular event venue owned by Todd Events, for our filming.

A reminder to the dozens of busy staff members who were working at the Todd Events headquarters, that Todd was being filmed for Wedding 360!

Andrew in action, on set with Todd Fiscus. This sequence was part of the segment on table top design.

For another segment, Todd begins with an overview of the kinds of floral design he prefers, and quickly launches into how he could take these concepts and create designs of gigantic proportion, still based on what he has done on the smaller scale. Consistency, says Todd, is the most important part of design, no matter what the scale.

Todd is a master of design and detail, so even the displays for his Wedding 360 presentation had to be perfect.

Todd changed his jacket for the actual filming of this segment, so students watching different videos will realize he is now presenting an entirely new area for their learning.

Before and after the filming Todd and his Todd Events team made sure the Wedding 360 crew was fed and entertained well. We had dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse, a trendy, upscale Texas bistro owned by Todd Events. We were treated to signature cocktails, three flavors of French fries, ribs, Chicken Fried Steak, but don't forget.....

...... those comfort food desserts, created by Todd, such as Peanut Butter Cookie Sundae, with Homemade Bittersweet Fudge Sauce! Here Todd pours on the sauce himself for our table to share; there was more...in fact, s'more...

.....it was by far the "Cook at your Table S'mores" with house-made graham crackers, 3 flavors of homemade marshmallows and dark Belgian chocolate that brought the most joy to my partner Jubilee....Andrew wasn't too disappointed either!

There was one more special treat we enjoyed with Todd Events in Dallas; Todd had just welcomed Pippa, a 7 week old Pug puppy into the Todd Events family. Here Pippa is enjoying the loving attention of one of Todd's administrative team...Pippa seemed to never be out of someones arms... but when Todd went home, Pippa was ready to be with Daddy!

It was a privilege to be a part of the Todd Events family for 3 days; we learned more than we realized there was to learn about the wedding and event design business! All of it is now on film, for us to share via Wedding 360 Online Academy, with designers and planners who want to grow their business and stretch their creativity! We will have release dates available soon!

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