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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Details Tell the Story, Part Two

Recently I coordinated an incredibly unique wedding in San Francisco, on Treasure Island, which had such a wonderful story behind it that every detail of the design incorporated part of the story. Gloria Wong, the designer, Nancy Liu Chin, the florist, and Peculiar Pair Press, the stationer, were the design team who took the couple's vision and made their dream come true in the details! I love working with such creative artists!
I am blogging about this wedding in 3 parts, because the wedding was described in the program as "A Wedding in Three Acts".

Part 2, Pre Ceremony to Cocktail hour

The bridesmaid bouquets with the program for the wedding, strategically placed for a wonderful "detail shot, in the window of the Bridal Suite. The view overlooked Huntington Park and Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill; what could be more classic SF?! Note the black feathers, crystals, and a bit of bling included in the bouquets.

But, speaking of bling, the bride's bouquet was a statement of the grandeur of old Hollywood, and took her breath away when she first saw it. All the florals and colors for the ceremony were in rich shades of magenta, deep purple, lavender and maroon; a dramatic background for what was referred to as Act One of the wedding day.

(Because I was so busy coordinating the wedding itself, I did not have a chance to take any photos of the ceremony. But it was as rich with color and elegance as these bouquets. Nancy Liu Chin used multiple shades of bright magenta, rich purple, and brilliant pink in her elaborate Altar and Entrance arrangements; when combined with the elegant purple velvet draping installed by Enhanced Lighting, and the abundance of multi height candles on the Altar, the Chapel at Treasure Island was completely transformed.)

For the reception, Gloria and the couple chose a cool black, white and silver color palette, accented by night club-like pin spots and deep blue uplighting (provided by Enhanced Lighting), to set the tone for Acts 2 and 3 (Dinner and Dancing). During this part of the wedding celebration, the details tell a story by changing the mood entirely from the intensely colorful design of the ceremony decor, to the understated tones of a 1930's club. This transition seemed to mirror the way many of the movies filmed by the groom were totally different in tone, feel, and background.

The Guest Book was an actual book with photos of the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Guests could write a note to the newly weds using the picture of their favorite Hollywood star as the background.

This view of the guest book, open to invite guests to write a note, also shows the hand made, over-the-top style of the escort cards...feathers and bling were everywhere, yet always presented tastefully and in an understated way. Great job, Gloria and team!

Awaiting the guest to enter from cocktails was the amazing wedding cake, created and designed by Perfect Endings Bakery in Napa, with black and white edible feathers. I can say from first-hand experience, this work or art tasted as wonderful as it looked!

Gloria and Nancy's staff, putting finishing touches on the Head Table before the guests are invited in from cocktails. An elegant combination of hundreds of white roses, feathers, bling, and silver accents....as they entered, the bride, groom, and all the guests, were captivated by the design and detail of the reception room where they would have dinner, and then enjoy dancing to the sounds of SBX Dance Band.

Part 3: The Reception and Dancing

This was the entrance into the Casa de la Vista, where guests were welcomed into a scene of beauty and old Hollywood charm.

White branches, decorated with thousands of crystals, hanging lights and and abundance of white flowers, provide the background for one wall of Casa de la Vista.

After dinner, the dancing went on until midnight, when the guests returned to their hotels via chartered shuttles and limousines, and the bride and groom were transported back to the Mark Hopkins in a Classic vintage Packard; one last detail requested by the bride and groom...a grand Hollywood exit!

I took this photo from the outside Casa de la Vista, during the beginning of the dancing portion of the evening. The bride and groom redefined the classic parents' dances, by having the Mother/Son dance be the bride dancing with each of her adult twin sons, and the Father/Daughter dance being the groom dancing with each of his adult daughters; just another way this wedding told a story, by honoring the children of the bride and groom, since their own parents are not here...now the romantic, Hollywood-like story continues, with a new chapter to be written by them as man and wife!

Other vendors who made this wedding day so perfect, include:
Cast of Thousands (we had Paparazzi actors as the bride and groom entered dinner!)

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Beverly Yip said...

Especially Yours did the White Chivari Chairs and custom made all the pintuck linens and napkins :) xoxo