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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wedding Season Thank Yous!

At the end of a wedding season it is encouraging to go back over some of the thank you notes I have received from my clients after we successfully completed the planning and carrying out of their wedding celebration. I am deeply thankful for the privilege of having been alongside them during such an exciting and potentially stressful time, so it is a double blessing when they are equally thankful for my help!

Charlotte and Peter, Fogarty Winery, 2010; Photo by Catherine Hall

Hi Jean,

You are absolutely amazing. I am so in awe of your talent at making everything (and I do mean everything) come together for the wedding. I really don't know how to put in words how grateful we are to have had you around, and I don't know what we would have done without you.

It wasn't even just the big picture stuff, but also every single small detail. You made it all happen without a hitch. And thanks also to your fabulous assistants for the help with Polaroids, the beautiful guestbook and escort card display (my goodness, I was so impressed and surprised!)

Best, Char

Brenna and Jared, Rosewood Sand Hill, 2010
Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for all of you help in the planning and carrying out of our wedding day! Your time management is amazing! I am really impressed that we were able to fit everything in, and the ceremony began right on time. Nothing felt rushed, everything flowed so smoothly and peacefully.

I really appreciated that you made sure Jared and I were taking time to slow down at moments and really absorb everything that was happening and about to happen; this was golden! If you hadn't been there to pull us away at these moments, I could see how the moments would have easily slipped by.

Specifically, when you pulled us away after the ketubah and before the ceremony to spend a few moments together alone. I also really appreciated that you made sure we were eating and hydrated. This also made me feel more in the moment of everything without getting spacey and tired.

Your calm and your confidence really made me relax and keep things in perspective. And your emergency kit was also great, thank goodness for those band aids!

With hugs, Brenna and Jared

Will and Megan, Rosewood Sand Hill, 2010

Dear Jean,

Thank you again for all your help this past Saturday!! What an event! We are still coming out of a "wedding daze" but are so grateful for your assistance. It would not have been such a stress-free event without your work; and the set up at the cottage upon our return was delightful!

We shall provide the most positive yelp review! :-) I do appreciate your picking up the left wine glass favors at the end of the night; it was mentioned to us by one regretful guest on Sunday that she had left hers behind, so we will be glad to have the extras!

I hope that you've had time to recover from all of your work this past weekend. Thank you again.

The very grateful and appreciative Prices


Megan & Will

And this year, I have even received thank you notes from some couples whom I was NOT able to work with because I am already booked for their wedding date in 2011! The one below, from a May 7th client, particularly made me smile:

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for calling this morning to check in with us. I really appreciate it! We really loved getting to know you; you have a rare gift for connecting with people and making us feel like you want the very best for us. If you can recommend any vendors with whom we would be in good hands, especially ones who connect with and care about their clients as much as you do, we would be so grateful

Thanks again so much for your advice and help; we want to reiterate once again how sad we are that we can't be planning this process with you. You are a wonderful person, and I am sure you will continue to make other brides' dreams come true for as long you remain in this profession!
All the best, bride and groom for May 7, 2011.

What is most important to me about my wedding planning work is the strong bond and friendships I am able to make with my clients, and now even some I am not able to have as clients!

I can't wait to get to know and love my 2011 clients in the months ahead!

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