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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When Christine and Steve told me they planned to use a piano as a guest book, I was not too surprised. Christine is a concert pianist, who also teaches piano from her home, and she and Steve are known among their friends for throwing the best musical evenings in the area. But I must say, my logistical wedding planner side was wondering how this idea could be carried out! I am happy to report that not only was it possible to use a piano as a guest book, but having such an interactive focus for the evening was one of the best parts of the wedding celebration!

Steve and Christine found an "almost free" piano on Craig's List, had it tuned, and then delivered it themselves to Allied Arts Guild on the day before their wedding; we covered it securely with waterproof tarps, because it needed to be outside overnight. The next morning we carefully uncovered it and rolled it out to take a prominent position on the patio where cocktails would be hosted later in the afternoon.

Here Steve is making a bold move and writing his guest book entry on the key board: "I love my wife", signed by the groom, is a fitting reminder of their wedding day!

Christine and Steve searched for the perfect markers, designed to become permanent on wood, and bought every color available so their guests would feel free to be wildly creative; once the first brave soul wrote on the piano, it was a constant focus throughout the afternoon and evening.

One of the real treasures for me was watching two of Christine's piano students, who had been the ring bearer and flower girl in her wedding, sit and proudly play the "guest book" with their adoring teacher.

I was on the sidelines here, capturing the moments between teacher and student both in photos and in my memory.

The flower girl is having her turn to play for the guests, as the ring bearer tries to wait patiently for his chance!

I love this photo of small fingers moving quickly to keep up with the masterful experienced hand of his teacher; a strong visual message of what patience and teaching by example can accomplish.

Following in the teacher's footsteps is what these fortunate young musicians will hopefully want to do; being in Christine's wedding was big step towards making musictheir passion. And who knows, maybe these two young pianists will have their own wedding one day. I wonder what THEY will use as a guest book...... :)

Thank you Steve and Christine for including me in the fun of helping plan and carry out your musical and intensely personal wedding celebration!

1 comment:

featherfactor said...

What an unusual but perfectly fitting idea for a guestbook. Thanks for posting!