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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pebble Beach Welcome!

The rugged beauty of the Lone Cypress seen along Seventeen Mile Drive in Pebble beach has long been the logo for Pebble Beach Resorts.

Let it be known to all that Pebble Beach Resorts are one of the most beautiful, elegant, and welcoming resort/wedding venues I have ever experienced! Thanks to the generosity of the leadership team at Pebble Beach, I was fortunate to be one of the event planners invited recently to discover personally the luxury and fun of their multiple resort/event locations.

From fire pit cocktails at the Spanish Bay Inn before dinner at Peppoli, to...

.....the beach-like feel of lunch at the Beach Club near our villa rooms at Casa Palermo, to...

....an elegant, over the top dinner at the Pebble Beach Lodge, our 2 night stay at Pebble Beach was nothing short of mind blowing!

The first course of our welcome dinner was served atop the personalized charger/menu awarding Jean Marks the 3 course meal engraved on the charger; what a great reminder I have now of the extravagant welcome provided by our new Pebble Beach friends!

My great friends Morgan Doan, and Neil Adams were seated at another table for the welcome dinner; flowers and decor by Shannon Gurley were different at each table, and all were keyed into some unique feature of the Pebble Beach area.

Here we are beginning the awesome meal served on the first night;
Duncan Reyes, Kathy Goodman and I were part of the table set as a reminder of the many trophies awarded at Pebble Beach over the years.

Daryl Griffith, the Catering Director for Weddings, seen at the head of the table, was a part of each event of our visit. I was amazed that the executives of Pebble Beach made time in their busy schedules to welcome us personally by participating so fully during the 2 days we were there.

Our welcome into the dining room for our first dinner....the ambiance of warmth was almost palpable!

It was a special treat to spend time with friends from Blueprint Studios, Mircea Manea and Neil Adams, who as you can see, are very good friends with one of our hostesses, Shannon Gurley. Shannon is the Floral Event and Design Manager for all social and corporate events at Pebble Beach...she really pulled out all of the stops for our visit!

The Spa at Pebble Beach, which is one of the most extensive and relaxing spas I have ever visited, generously provided each of us with an 80 minute massage on the last afternoon of our Pebble Beach sojourn. To say I felt pampered is an understatement.
I couldn't help but imagine my wedding clients enjoying this same relaxation and special care should they be having their wedding at Pebble Beach Resorts. I will now confidently be recommending Pebble Beach as a perfect venue for a luxurious and relaxed destination wedding.

We were fortunate to have Scott Campbell, a photographer who often shoots events at Pebble Beach, accompany us on all of our adventures. Please take a look at his slideshow to get a full overview of the beauty and elegance of Pebble Beach Resorts and the amazing events they created for us.

I encourage each of you to make a trip to the Pebble Beach Resorts...if you have not visited, you will soon be finding reasons to travel there at any opportunity. Believe me, there is much more than golf at Pebble Beach, but for those who love that sport, the golf at Pebble Beach happens to be some of the best in the world!

Each evening at sunset, a bagpiper comes across the fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Links to serenade the guests of The Inn at Spanish Bay. This is truly a magical way to watch the sunset and enjoy the beauty of Pebble Beach.

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