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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SF Street Wedding, Part Two

Jenna and Justin say their vows to each other in the same location where Justin proposed to Jenna, the crosswalk of 19th Street and Texas. The ceremony was the first incredible part of the day, but this was just the beginning of an afternoon and evening of celebration!

What could be more appropriate after a wedding on a Potrero Hill Crosswalk, with a magnificent view of San Francisco, than to continue the celebration in the heart of San Francisco at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the Historic Merchants Exchange Building. The guests were transported from their view of the SF skyline to the magnificence of the Julia Morgan Ballroom set elegantly to welcome Jenna and Justin's 175 guests.

The Julia Morgan Ballroom set and ready for the Jenna and Justin's guests when they arrived from the ceremony in the Crosswalk of 19th Street and Texas. The umbrellas are checked at the coat room, and now it is time to celebrate!

A warm welcome has been prepared at the Head Table for Jenna and Justin, their family and wedding party members after the adventure of participating in the first Crosswalk Wedding ever done in the streets of San Francisco!

Each guest table was washed with light so that the wine glasses sparkled, and the centerpiece "popped" with color and texture. I can never over state the importance of lighting in the overall ambiance and feel of an event.

Another aspect of what makes Jenna and Justin's wedding so unique is that they have known each other since birth; Jenna's parents and Justin's parents were good friends in the same small neighborhood in Philadelphia, so the two children played together during family celebrations, summer gatherings, vacations, and often attended each others birthday parties.

A matted photo of toddler-aged Jenna and Justin was used by guests to leave messages for the newly married couple, now celebrating together again, but this time as Mr. and Mrs!

Jenna and Justin's families have been close friends for decades; even after Justin's family moved to San Francisco, there were frequent visits and shared vacations planned so the families could stay in touch.

Now, because of Jenna and Justin's marriage, the two families have officially become one family. It was appropriate that treasured wedding photos from several generations be lovingly displayed on the mantle at Julia Morgan Ballroom during the reception.

And as a reminder of the long-distance connection between Jenna and Justin, which was often maintained by mail, the guests were invited to write a note on one of the vintage post cards, and place it in a mailbox for Jenna and Justin.

A gourmet 3 course meal prepared and served by Joshua Charles Catering, each course paired with fine wines carefully selected by Jenna's father, began with the Roasted Asparagus and Morel Mushrooms. Yummmm!

After the dinner, Jenna, Justin, their family and guests almost never left the dance floor..... there was so much to celebrate, and so many wonderful friends to celebrate with!

The stage was set for action as guests arrived, and when Pop Fiction Live started playing, the action never stopped!

Congratulations, Jenna and Justin! We know your hearts will always be in San Francisco, as will these amazing memories from your wedding day! It was my privilege to help you during the last 8 months to plan and carry out your romantic wedding vision in a street in San Francisco!

To read more about Jenna and Justin's wedding ceremony, and to see information on each member of my team, please take a look at Part One of this blog post.

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