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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stanford Band Surprises Nancy and Steve!

As Nancy and Steve left Stanford Memorial Church Saturday after their wedding ceremony, since Steve is a Colonel in the Air Force, they were expecting the formal Saber Ceremony provided by 8 of Steve's fellow officers.

Steve and Nancy even knew to expect to be stopped as the passed under the last pair of sabers, where they had to provide a kiss to satisfy all of the Saber Bearers...Steve was happy to acquiesce to that demand, as was Nancy! :)

But when they heard a whistle blow from behind the solemn arches of the Stanford Campus,

I am not sure they were prepared to see the Stanford Band come rushing out to surround them, lead by the drum major in a wedding dress.

You will notice that the gentleman in the white uniform, with the trombone, was also the first officer in the line up for the Saber Ceremony; he had plotted this surprise with the Stanford Band, since he is one of their regular trombone players, and has been since his University days!

The band entertained all of us on the quad with 5-6 songs; Nancy and Steve were out dancing with them and all of us were enjoying the "organized chaos" to the max!

Finally the Bride/Drum Major blew his whistle one last time, and the band rushed off into the distance, shouting Congratulations! and scattering into the hallowed arches of Stanford University!

This was one of those special moments in my work as a wedding planner that make me smile with pleasure; I love to see my couples surprised and overjoyed by a loving tribute from a friend...in this case the surprise was a rather raucous group of college students drumming, screaming, jumping, and surrounding them with enthusiastic celebration. Thank you to the Stanford Band, and to the "undercover" band member who was also in the Saber Ceremony!

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