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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why to Consider Wedding Videography

I often encourage couples to hire a wedding videographer because the images that are captured during the wedding day on film, when combined with the work of an excellent photographer, can tell a complete story of your day.

I recently met with Grace and Henry, who were married early this Fall, to review their wedding day, ask for evaluation of my service, and find out if they have advice for couples planning their wedding...without hesitation, the lesson they wanted to share is: Don't rule out having a wedding videogapher!

Henry and Grace were not enthusiastic about hiring a videographer during the wedding planning process, but because many relatives in Taiwan would not be able to come to the wedding, the family wanted a video to share with them. Henry and Grace chose to work with Weddings on Film, and their sister company, Basico.

Now after seeing this short video, Menlo Circus Club, Grace and Henry-the video , Grace and Henry are incredibly grateful to have hired Weddings on Film to capture their memories in video format.

As Grace said, "I could not believe how quickly the day goes by; watching this short video is like reliving the day, but seeing what was happening from all different angles; the video is a treasure we would not want to have missed."

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