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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Gardener and a Wedding Planner

People who have known me before I was a wedding planner can attest to the fact that I was an avid flower gardener; many friends I have made in the wedding industry understand that when I am not working at a wedding on the weekends, I spend as much time as possible in my garden.  Today I had fun creating several bouquets from the flowers currently in bloom.

This bouquet includes some of my favorite perennial flowers:  deep purple Clematis, blue Love-in-a-Mist, the small daisy-like Feverfew, and the roses Evelyn, Summertime, Iceberg and Polka.

It was actually my gardening that drew me into wedding planning; because my love for flowers I sought out part time employment with florists in my Palo Alto area, Susan Groves and Laurie Chestnutt.  As I helped Susan and Laurie purchase, design,  deliver and set up florals for weddings throughout the San Francisco Bay area, I saw the amazing amount of work carried out by a multitude of vendors on any wedding day.  I wanted to come alongside the bride, groom, family and guests to help answer the questions I was often asked but could not answer..."where should I be for pre- ceremony photos?"  "What time will the limos be arriving?" etc.  I knew that my background as an Administrator of non profit organizations would provide the basis I needed to coordinate all the activity I saw swirling around me.
 This bouquet includes the Eden, Iceburg, Koriokole, and Summer Wine rose and the perennial Nepeta, or Cat Mint.

 Within a year of realizing my goal of becoming a wedding planner,  I completed  my training with the Association of Certified and Professional Wedding Consultants, developed a business plan, created a logo, business card and website and launched Jean Marks Weddings.  Now after 9 years of assisting couples in the planning and carrying out of their wedding celebrations, as you see from these bouquets, I am still a gardener when I am not working on weddings.

 These roses are  Westerland (the rose in my logo), Climbing Royal Sunset, and Eden, with touches of Nepeta for contrast.

This Spring my garden is overflowing with 18 varieties of Roses and over 20 perennials including Nepeta, Honeysuckle, Feverfew, Hydrangesa and Clematis.  My hydrangeas and dahlias are filled with buds just about to burst open.  I have a hard time not being in my garden more often, but the wedding season has begun, so I try to allow one passion to "spill over" into the other.  Whenever possible I create flower bouquets for my brides to use at their rehearsal, or just to enjoy as a reminder of the beauty and joy that is part of both wedding planning and the wedding celebration itself.

I sometimes think that my love of gardening, and my understanding of the foundational work that goes into establishing and maintaining healthy, strong plants has somehow translated into my role as a nurturing and caring wedding planner.  From years of experience I know how to prepare the soil, solidly establish the plant, provide guidance and nourishment for it from root to bud to bloom, and stand back to enjoy the bouquets which are results of my hard work.

 Similarly, I can use my wedding experience to help couples create a foundation,  plan and fine tune a myriad of details for their wedding day, and then oversee the entire wedding day as I enjoy with my clients the bouquet of lovely memories being created on that day.

I have chosen to have my garden rose, the Westerland, included in my business logo; whenever I give my card to a vendor, client, or potential client, I am reminded of my roots as a gardener...someone who nurtures life, appreciates beauty, and understands the process of establishing a strong foundation, assisting in growth and following through to maturity.
 My business logo incorporates my photo of the Westerland rose (incorporated in the bouquet above) which grows in my Palo Alto garden.

I would love to be able to give each person reading my blog one of these bouquets, but I am thankful that I can share the images with you.  If you would like to come by to smell my roses, gather a bouquet and talk about wedding plans, you are more than welcome!  Happy Spring!


kennady said...

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amit said...

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Esther Woods said...
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Esther Woods said...

These are really lovely flowers. Perfect for a special day!

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