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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disco theme at the Drive Thru Tree!

When an event planner and a night club owner/tech guru plan their wedding, you can be sure it will be memorable! This month I had the privilege of coordinating Molly and Brian's disco themed wedding, at one of their favorite places to visit, the Drive Thru Tree Park (www.drivethrutree.com) near Leggett, in Northern California.

As you can see below, not a car was in sight during the ceremony, but as soon as the ceremony was over, I gave the OK to John Stevenson, the owner, and in came the cars!

After completing family photos beside the nearby pond, Molly and Brian made their entrance to the cocktail reception in their friend's disco limo, which he drove all the way from San Francisco for the event!

The weather was perfect; not too hot, or windy...ideal for a relaxing dinner in the tent, followed by Molly and Brian's first dance, a surprise disco number which included 8 of their friends, all in disco outfits....the guests quickly joined in the energy of the dancing, with disco balls spinning from the top of the tent; as the evening grew darker, the huge disco ball outside, as well as the lanterns in the apple trees, provided by McCall Lighting (www.danmccall.com) created the disco party ambiance outside, matching all that was going on inside the tent!

Did I mention the School Buses? Two Humboldt County School Buses, and their amazingly patient and friendly drivers, provided the transportation from 4 different hotel/resort locations, including Benbow Inn, to the Park; after I took this photo, about 10pm, I radioed to the drivers of the school buses, who wheeled up just in front of the tent, as the disco music stopped. With high energy, the guests loaded onto the buses, and led by Molly and Brian in the disco limo, headed for what I heard was a very late after party!

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