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Sunday, May 25, 2008

From Vision to Reality, in HMB!

During the last 5 months, working with my clients, Monique and Brian, I have had the privilege of seeing a vision (for a new ocean-view wedding venue in Half Moon Bay) move from the dirt and bulldozer stage to the reality of a well groomed ceremony site! Monique and Brian will always have the distinction of "launching" Liquid Sky Vineyard, a new property off of Highway One, south of Half Moon Bay, with a panoramic view of the northern coast.


When we visited the property in March, I took this photo of Brian and Monique standing where their ceremony would take place in just 2 months...there was obviously much work to be done, but the owners of the property assured us that all would be completed for their wedding day....and as you can see below, they kept their word!

Tanja Fischer (www.blumengarten.com) provided floral design for the wedding and reception.

The proprietors of Cetrella Restaurant in Half Moon Bay are opening their private estate, Liquid Sky Vineyard, to serve as a venue for small wedding ceremonies, with receptions to be held at Cetrella. Since Brian works as a designer for Cetrella, and was recently engaged to Monique, they were a natural choice for David and Jennifer's first Liquid Sky Wedding Couple! Soon after the date was established, Brian and Monique hired me to help them with their wedding planning.

After much collaboration with David and Jennifer, visits to the property, and creative brainstorming, both the physical and logistical framework were established, and we were ready to see the vision for Monique and Brian's wedding beside the sea become reality!

Providing leadership for the rehearsal was a bit of a challenge for me, as none of us knew exactly what would be the best way to utilize the space, how close to stand to the edge, where exactly to enter and exit, etc. But again, working as a team with Jennifer, David, Monique, Brian, and their wedding party we were successful in orchestrating a beautiful and relaxing ceremony for Brian and Monique, their family and guests.

After the ceremony, shuttle buses were waiting to transport the guests to Cetrella for a lively cocktail hour, a 4 course dinner, followed by lots of dancing, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and finally shuttle rides back to the hotels in Half Moon Bay.

Brian and Monique's guest book, with photos of themselves on each page

The setting sun cast an interesting light on the platters of cracked crab, oysters, and other fresh seafood waiting for Brian Monique and their wedding party...it reminded me of a picnic on the beach!

Susan Morgan (www.elegantcheesecakes.com) provided an amazing wedding cake for Brian and Monique, and even included a personalized "mini wedding cake", which I sent with them in their "fond farewell" basket!

It was a gift to be a part of Brian and Monique's "ground-breaking" wedding day, as we launched both a brand new marriage, and a brand new wedding venue!

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