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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wedding University a huge success!

Yesterday was the launch of The Wedding University, held at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley; over 125 "students" moved through the educational seminars and elegant food stations, to experience first hand:
"The Wedding University, an Afternoon of Elegance and Education".

Jubilee Lau and I are so grateful for the amazing support and encouragement we have received in the last 24 hours from couples who attended, as well as the professionals who volunteered their time to help us greet and care for the all the participants and teachers.


Until I have time to post my own photos from yesterday, please enjoy Stacie Tamaki's entry on her blog; she was with us all day, as a behind the scenes blogger!

1 comment:

DK Designs said...

Great Job Jean! I'm so happy for you and Jubilee. Another great industry first that was much needed! I wish I had this when we got married and were planning our wedding. :) Hope to see you soon.