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Monday, May 4, 2009

Jenya and Jacob- dogs and chess!

Jacob and Jenya met walking their dogs, Marley and April, so it was natural for the two beloved pets to be a part of their wedding...

Marley carried Jenya's ring and April carried Jacob's...in pouches on their handmade floral collars, not in their mouths!

Being Russian, Jenya had a keen interest in chess, a game Jacob also enjoyed; when the two of them weren't walking their dogs, or working at their high tech Silicon Valley firms, they were playing chess...so, the reception dinner tables were named after chess pieces, the cake was a whimisical tribute to the game, and naturally, the colors were black and white!

Jenya totally enjoyed her day...having fun with her bridesmaids was almost equal to the excitement of marrying her beloved Jacob!...3 of her attendants were high school friends from Russia, and the 4th was her new sister in law, all very photogenic and quite silly when given a chance to play!

Black and white set the tone for Jenya's choices of linens, florals, favors, chiviari chairs, and of course, cake design!

Jenya's chair at the reception; note the chocolate chess piece on her bread plate..."borrowed" from the wedding cake as a sweet surprise when she was seated for dinner!

For Jenya, the fun of the wedding day began with an early morning hair styling appointment (..notice the veil already in place!) and "breakfast" of hearty hamburger and french fries with her bridesmaid, Natasha!

Jenya looking out at the ocean from the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Conservatory, before she goes upstairs to put on her wedding gown.

A relaxed, and adorable bride, Jenya poses coyly for pre-ceremony photographs in the lawn area behind the RCHMB.

I will have more photos from Jenya and Jacob's wedding when their photographer, Michael Kitada, sends me his images; for now I wanted to share a few of my own memories.
Below is one of their favors, which I brought home and placed with some flowers from my garden, as another reminder of the dog lovers/chess players who will always remain a king and queen in my mind and heart!

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