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Friday, May 1, 2009

Teaming with a bride!

While planning Kelley and Adam's Nestldown wedding for last August, Kelley and I formed a bond which neither of us wanted to lose; we have stayed in touch and discussed her helping me at weddings, partly because she was so creative and detailed in her wedding planning, and also because it would give us opportunities to strengthen our friendship.
When I decided to participate in the Nestldown Showcase, I asked if Kelley could be my set-up assistant, and partner as we met with brides and grooms who attended the Showcase. Kelley was available, and excited to help me; we had a wonderful time working together, so I want to share a few memories!

Kelley and me at my Showcase table

I chose to create a Tea Time atmosphere for my welcome table, a reminder that I enjoy having couples over for tea as a part of our initial consultation. Kelley, being a wonderful cook, provided Mexican tea cookies, for snacks. The plates in my display were filled with her yummy treats, but not until the guests began arriving...we were afraid if we put them out too soon, there would be none left for the brides and grooms! I kept sampling them!

Once my display was complete, I went around to visit a few of the other vendors who were a part of the evening's Bridal Showcase. Because I was in charge of vendor communication and timeline planning for the showcase, I had gotten to know a few of the vendors only via email; now I wanted to meet them face to face!

Dan and Phil, of Beverages and More (BevMo!) are wonderful supports for our brides and grooms, because they not only help couples choose the beverages and the amounts needed, for their wedding, they also can deliver to the venue the day before...the cost is minimal, and the convenience is priceless!

Photoworks Interactive brought one of their photo booths, complete with silly hats, glasses, and other props, as well as the guest book/scrapbook component they provide. Several of my clients have chosen to bring this photo booth activity into their wedding day, and guests have really enjoyed letting their often unknown "ham" come out in front of the camera!

This is the display of materials provided, always accompanied with a staff person to assist guests in their creativity, to complete a personalized and memorable guest book for the bride and groom to take with them at the end of the evening.

After a quick walk around the beautiful Nestldown grounds, to be sure all was in readiness for the over 130 expected guests, I returned to greet the first arrivals.

Several of the guests arrived a bit early, so I was glad the Kelley and I had also arrived early, both to get my table set up and to help the other vendors check in and be ready...after this initial photo Kelley took as I welcomed the first bride and groom, we were busy chatting and refilling the cookie plates until the last guest left.

I am so grateful for Kelley, her friendship, her help last night, and the wonderful profession I have chosen, where the work and personal aspects of my life blend together seamlessly.

Below is the invitation to the Vendor Showcase (click to enlarge), which lists all of the participants in the Nestldown Showcase where Kelley and I partnered.

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