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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer wedding at the Villa!

Yellow is my favorite color, so I really enjoyed all the yellows in Rosemary and Patrick's wedding at Villa Montalvo this weekend. Here I am, just beside the ceremony area , waiting to cue the bridesmaids, the flower girls, and then.....

......Rosemary and her proud father!

The wedding party looked beautiful on a warm summer day at Villa Montalvo.....the yellow really added a fresh feel to everything.

After the ceremony, the guests were invited to cocktails in the Courtyard, followed by dinner on the Terrace, dancing in the Ballroom, cupcakes in the Solarium, and a candy buffet in the Formal Dining room....what a nice way to use an entire villa for an elegant and carefree wedding celebration!

Rosemary and Patrick fully enjoyed every moment of their wedding day; I loved watching them relax and enjoy cupcakes in the Solarium with their friends.
As a "p.s.", here is an example of how the flower girl occupied herself, in the earlier part of the day, managing the stairway to where the bride was getting ready...this may be one of my favorite photos of the year!

Thanks to Kathleen Kirkpatrick, venue manager at Villa Montalvo, for sharing these photos with me!

And thank you to the wonderful team who worked so well together at this very happy and beautiful (yellow)wedding:
Kathleen Kirkpatrick, www.montalvoarts.org
Le Papillon, www.lepapillon.com
Raffi Nalvarian, www.simdjs.com
Mike Pulano, www.simdjs.com
Ingela's Floral Design, www.ingelasdesign.com
Ed Holt, Officiant www.revholt.com
Hello Lucky, www.hellolucky.com
Kara's Cupcakes, www.karascupcakes.com
Sherman Chu, Photographer, www.shermanchu.com

I also worked with 3 wonderful assistants, who make my job so much more fun, as well as helping me provide the excellent, personalized service I promise to each of my clients.
A big thank you to:
Elisheva Basseri, a talented wedding coordinator herself, as well as my two wonderful interns, Jeanette Elliott and Melissa Miller...what a great team!!!

At the end of the evening with Melissa, one of my great interns; photo taken by Jeanette Elliott, on her iPhone....we are still smiling after a 12 hour day!

1 comment:

Vivienne said...

hi, any you chance you know the designer/style of the bridal dress? i loveeee it!!! i'm getting married and would love to try that dress on... thanks in advance :)