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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anniversary trip 2010!

This month, Jeff and I are making our second trip to Italy; the first was in 2006, to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and now, we are going back to celebrate the 29th, because I just could not wait for the 30th! These are some samples of my photos from our last trip, some of which were made into photo cards, which many of my wedding clients and colleagues receive as gifts. I am hoping to have many more images to share with you when Jeff and I return in a few weeks. Until then, Ciao Bella!

Varenna, Lake Como

Above and below, view from our hotel in Varenna, on Lake Como

Jean enjoying a mug of strong Cappucino, from our hotel room window, in Varenna, Lake Como

Florence, from one of the rolling hills surrounding the lovely city

Tuscan cat who made himself at home on the veranda of our Tuscan Bed and Breakfast

One of the wonderful hill towns in Tuscany

Sunrise over Santa Margherita, near the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Now you see why I have to go back! This trip we will begin with a few days outside Rome, moving down to the Amalfi Coast, which I have heard is amazing! Jeff has done the planning on this trip, as I was super busy with planning my weddings for 2010, as well as the Wedding University, and Academy for Planners + Designers, with Wedding 360. He has us traveling from Amalfi, all the way up to Lake Como, and then to the Aosta Valley, near the border of Switzerland. I am glad he is driving, so I can just enjoy the ride, and not be in charge of anything, except my camera and maybe, where to stop for lunch!

I will miss my wonderful clients, family, friends and wedding colleagues, but I must say, a vacation sounds really wonderful about now! Ciao, again!

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