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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Proof is in the Pudding! Wedding 360

My grandmother always said when I would describe a wonderful plan I had for some new adventure or project, "The proof is in the pudding!" I was not sure what she meant, but later I realized that she was comparing our un- tested plans to how using a recipe works. No matter how good a recipe is for something like Plum Pudding (she was from the English side of the family!), until the ingredients were put together, baked, and presented to the guests, there was no proof that it was a good recipe. I remember tasting the yummy Plum Pudding she presented to us each Christmas, warm from the oven with buttery rum sauce over it, and yes, the proof was there!

I thought of her saying as I read the note below:

"Dear Jean,
The Academy was life changing! I am forever impacted by my experience at TAPD. I learned more than I expected to about the industry and about myself as a designer.
Thank you for creating Wedding 360 and for sharing your talents and expertise with us all. I look forward to the next Academy!"

Notes like this, and the photos you will see in the following slide show: http://pulp.orangephotography.com/blog/?p=2854 , put together by
Orange Photography, are showing me just how "worth it" all of our hard work, financial investment, and following a passion was for Jubilee and me as we put together a "recipe" for Wedding 360; we wanted to put together elegant, welcoming events which would provide encouragement, education and inspiration for Wedding Designers and Planners, as well as for Engaged Couples, planning their own wedding (The Wedding University, 2010).

Knowing that our efforts were of value to creative designers like Yasmin, who wrote us the note, as well as to the many engaged couples who attended our Wedding University, is the proof for us that the "recipe" for providing education, encouragement and elegance is a good one!

We will be announcing the next steps in the growing vision for Wedding 360 in the next month or so; Jubilee and I want to offer more options for the learning and encouragement we saw our participants savor, as the ingredients of our vision came together on March 14-16th, at the Academy for Planners + Designers.

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