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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memories from Italy, Spring 2010

At the end of April, when Jeff and I returned from our three week Anniversary trip to Italy, we were immediately swept back into our busy work lives, so I have not had a chance to share some of our beautiful memories in my blog. Now we finally have narrowed down the hundreds of photos, to a few I want to post as a virtual vacation for those who can't get away this summer...probably because of weddings or wedding planning!

Menaggio, Lake Como

I know that Leila Khalil from Be Inspired was in some of these very same places on her honeymoon this month; I hope she is has enjoyed every moment of beginning her first year of marriage in May, as I did celebrating my 29th year in April.
No matter how recent or "settled in" the marriage is, there is something about Italy that emphasizes the romance!

Positano, Amalfi Coast

Varenna, Lake Como

Sorrento, close to the Amalfi Coast

View north of Menaggio, near our small hotel on the lake; Switzerland is just over those Alps...our next trip will include crossing those mountains on a beautiful train ride.

Civita, Umbria

Cannero Riviera, Lake Maggiore. We stayed here 3 days, and could have stayed a LOT longer!

Jeff and I enjoyed walking the walls of the Tuscan hilltop towns; every view was amazing!

Cannobia, on Lake Maggiore; a short ferry ride from Cannero Riviera.

Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi; we stayed in Assisi for 4 days, and loved exploring the old city after dark, when all the tourist buses were gone, and things were as peaceful and beautiful as they were in the 1400's when St. Francis was living in the town...he never saw this Basilica, because it was built in his memory, and took over 30 years to complete...I actually saw a wedding here, and it was incredible!

Our favorite Gelato shop, in Menaggio on Lake Como...there were over 40 flavors, and because you could get up to 5 flavors in one serving, between the 2 of us, we tried them all!

Cannero Riviera, Lake Maggiore

Sigh....the wisteria was in full bloom, the tourist crowds had not arrived, and we really got to know the people who lived in each village we visited. Cannero Riviera was our last stop, and I don't think we could have found a better town to enjoy our last gelato, ferry ride, and 3 course dinner with wine for under $20! What can I say? Bellisimo, Italia!

1 comment:

Amy Rubins said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing images - I'm heading there this summer for a new destination wedding and can't wait. I'll definitely check out some of these beautiful properties.