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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Christmas in June

How many times are you invited to a Christmas in June party? When Linda Hylen, venue manager for the Julia Morgan Ballroom invited me to her cocktail party last week, showcasing Christmas decor for 2010 Holiday Parties, I was more than willing to fast forward 6 months for eggnog, warm cider, and festive fun with good friends in the industry!

Elisheva Basseri, Shannon Leahy, Catherine Hall and I had a wonderful time connecting and enjoying the beauty of what had been put together by Hartmann Studios, Napa Valley Linens, Spiral Hand Florals, Kent Strand, and the talented chef from Credo and the Merchants Exchange. Please enjoy the amazing preview of what can be done to enhance the already spectacular Julia Morgan Ballroom!

Cool whites and warm off whites, pearl, crystal, and silver were the color palette for this elegant table setting.

Huge silver branches representing trees, with sparkly crystal decor, and spectacular blue and white lighting, reminded everyone of the magic of Christmas, even in June!

Here, the enhancement of gold, copper and a touch of red provided the understated festive tone of a Christmas or New Year's party.

After being in the cozy atmosphere of Christmas and the excitement the holidays bring, it was a surprise to walk outside to the sunshine and warmth of a San Francisco evening...but we took with us the warmth of what is ahead, in just 6 months!

1 comment:

Catherine Hall Studios said...

It was so great to see you my talented, sweet friend! Miss you already!