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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Villa Montalvo, Vanessa & Matt

Both being very busy attorneys in Chicago, Matt and Vanessa needed help planning their wedding at Villa Montalvo; I was thrilled to be chosen as their "destination" planner, and thoroughly enjoyed the process which spanned over a year, and incorporated many of the visions Vanessa had been putting together from Chicago. Now I have photos from our photographer, John Kaemmerling, which show what a fantastic venue Villa Montalvo can provide for an elegant celebration by a beautiful couple! The romance of the villa and grounds seem to bring out the romance between the couple!

Pre-ceremony shots were relaxing and perfectly framed, thanks to the work of John and his photography team.

Dinner for 175 was set on the veranda of the villa; here I am checking from the balcony above to get a real "overview" of the set up!

As all was in readiness, I turned my attention to the ceremony; once I had the bride and bridesmaids, whose striking bouquets are the focus below,

..groom and groomsmen, parents and grandparents in place, we began the processional. As usual, before I knew it the ceremony was over, guests were applauding, and Vanessa and Matt were being cheered back down the aisle to begin the celebration of their wedding! I love the custom-designed chuppah, created by Amy Burke Designs.

After a few post ceremony photos, the bride and groom joined their guests for cocktails, were introduced to the veranda for an elegant dinner prepared by Componere Fine Catering, followed by a delicious chocolate/raspberry wedding cake by Butterfly Cakes.

By now the guests and especially Vanessa and Matt, were ready to DANCE, Chicago style! I loved the upbeat First Dance, which set the tone for hours of dancing into the night, with Keith Johnson's AM Radio Party Band.

In Vanessa's vision from the beginning of our planning, candles, and lots of them, were one of the most important parts of the decor for her wedding dinner at Villa Montalvo; it took more than 400 candles, of various sizes, placed on each step, and in groups of 3 along the balustrade of the veranda, on each table, and along the mantles and window ledges, to create the magical atmosphere we were looking for. My team of 3 assistants were lighting candles for quite a while before dinner, but the overall effect was just what Vanessa and Matt had been envisioning. The balmy warm evening, after a very rainy, and unpredictable Spring, provided the most perfect gift Vanessa and Matt could have hoped for to give their guests.

As Vanessa and Matt's limo from Lone Star Transportation pulled away at the end of the evening, guests lined the stairs to send them off to their honeymoon trip, and then went back to savor another moment on the veranda, before boarding shuttles to return to their hotels. Villa Montalvo made the perfect backdrop for Vanessa and Matt's wedding celebration; I am so grateful to have helped them create this memorable day!

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BernadetteM said...

What a great venue. Butterfly Cakes - checking it out now. Thanks!