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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wedding University--A HIT!

Jubilee Lau, Janece Shellooe, our Administrator, and I have been planning The Wedding University, produced by Wedding 360, for an entire year---January 31st, 2010 was the Big Day! It was a success in many ways, the most important being how encouraged and energized the engaged couples felt after a full day of learning from top Bay Area wedding professionals, and being pampered by the Four Seasons Silicon Valley

The best way for me to share with you all that went on Sunday at
The Wedding University, is to link you to Stacie Tamaki's live blog post; she was with us throughout the day, constantly sharing her photos and comments from the arrival of the first couple, to the break down and clean up at the end of the day.

Introduction of The Wedding University Professors as the day began

The opening session in the ballroom, with Ron Grandia, our MC

The professors prepare to meet their students!

The Penthouse, one of 4 design showcase vignettes designed by Gloria Wong and Nancy Liu Chin, as foundations for their teaching on Design and Decor at The Wedding University.
(all photos by Stacie Tamaki)

Thank you so much Stacie, for your support and encouragement all year, as we planned for TWU 2010, and for the full day of coverage you gave us yesterday!

I will be adding some personal comments from our students in the days ahead, as well as the same day edit provided by Andrew Hsu, of Studio MSV!

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