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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time for friends, Le Papillon

This week one of my favorite caterers, Le Papillon, generously invited over 80 Wedding Professionals who know and love the owner, Mike Mashayekh, to have lunch in his beautiful restaurant in San Jose. The food and service were amazing, as always; the time away from the office, a much needed treat after the intense work for The Wedding University this weekend; and the indescribable joy of reconnecting with wedding industry friends, a balm to a tired planner!

Tanja Lippert and I have been friends since she and her husband Ryan first moved their photography business to the Los Gatos area, about 5 years ago.

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini, Tanja, and Augie Chang...all beloved friends and respected colleagues.

Linda Hylen, venue manager at Julia Morgan Ballroom, and my partner, Jubilee Lau...Linda has been our 'mentor' as we developed our vision for Wedding 360 over the last year and a half. We love Linda!

One of the 4 courses presented in elegant style during the 3 hour luncheon...you really spoiled us, Mike, and we loved it!

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