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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eye candy from Gumps

This weekend, I attended Wedding Chic at Gumps in San Francisco, with Stacie, my bride for an October wedding; I suggested we attend this annual bridal event to get ideas gown, flowers, cake, and invitation selections as we plan her Fall Wedding. My intern, Katie Moua, was with us, and took a few photos of the action and "eye candy" at Gumps.

View from the second floor at Gumps, looking down past the well-known custom lantern display, to the main floor. We enjoyed being upstairs, where Taste Catering, I Dream of Cake, and
Elegant Cheesecakes were offering samples...yummm!

Kathleen Deery provided beautiful floral displays, to match the elegant place settings created by the retail staff at Gumps.

Stacie and I examined closely the detail on one of the gowns provided by Marina Morrison.

I particularly loved this cake and table top design; the bird and branches theme was supported by the sweets displayed on the small tray arrangement..each round cake was rolled in what looked like birdseed...it was probably sesame, flax, and other humanly edible seed, but it certainly reminded me of bird seed!

As we left, Stacie and I were given a rather heavy gift bag; among other treats and treasures, we each received a personal cheese cake from Elegant Cheesecakes, and a selection of hand crafted candy from Woodhouse Chocolate. It was great to enjoy eye candy at Wedding Chic, as well as real candy when we got home!

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