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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Walk-through at a Drive-through!

"Walk-throughs" are a standard part of any wedding; the coordinator meets with the bride and groom, and often the caterer, at the ceremony and reception site(s), to "walk through" the venue(s), and discuss where all the chairs and tables will be placed, how the guests will be directed to the ceremony, and following the ceremony, how they will be invited to the cocktail/dinner part of the celebration.

My most recent "walk-through" was anything BUT standard! I met Molly and Brian, who will be married on May 10th, at their chosen wedding venue, a 2000 year old redwood tree, with a hand-hewn, car-sized opening. The famous Drive Through Tree, is located 4-5 hours north of SF, in Leggett, California.

For this particular walk through, we needed to discuss with the park owner how to stop traffic through the tree for the ceremony, as well as how to position chairs, manage the sound, and move quickly after the ceremony, to get all the chairs and sound equipment transferred to the tent, which will be constructed in an adjacent meadow. As soon as the guests have all moved to the cocktail/dinner/dancing area, traffic can once again move through the Redwood tree.

I may feel more like a traffic cop, than a wedding coordinator, during that transition!

Although the discussion and questions were a little different than most of my "walk-throughs", all the necessary information was gathered, and communicated, with the bonus of meeting Dulce, Molly and Brian's new dog!

Now after the official walk through, I am ready for my first "Drive-through" wedding! I will share more details after May 10th!

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