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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Coordinator/Auntie!

One of the joys of working with couples to plan their wedding day, is that I almost become family! Being a part of the most significant day in the bride and groom's lives, I can't help but become emotionally attached; so at the end of the wedding day, along with the joy of seeing each aspect of their day turn out as perfectly as they had dreamed, there is a sadness, because I realize that now I won't be spending as much time with them.

But often, I have had other exciting events to rejoice in, with my brides and grooms...they become mommies and daddies! Again, I am often included in the celebration of one of the most significant days for any couple, when their first baby is born! When I get the birth announcement, or email, I feel like an Auntie; I am just as proud and happy for them as I would be if I really were part of their family!

For Jan and Mayumi, pictured above, I am fortunate to be an "auntie" for the second time! Though Jan and Mayumi live in Japan, we have stayed in touch since 2005, when I helped them plan their wedding from across the Pacific Ocean. I am honored to be someone Jan and Mayumi stay in touch with, as they move into this next stage of their lives together!

Being an Auntie has become the solution to the sadness I may feel as the bride and groom drive away at the end of the wedding reception; rather than grieve about losing the connection we have developed, I can just smile, wondering how soon I will be hearing from them again!

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