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Monday, March 30, 2009

Helping Tami

My good friend Stacie Tamaki* has launched a new website, Helping Tami, geared to locating a bone marrow donor for her cousin Tami, who has recently been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Finding a "match" for Tami has become a nationwide search; we can all become involved by simply requesting a mouth swab test kit in the mail, to determine if our bone marrow can save Tami's life. (Please click on the link, above, to Stacie's new website for details.)

In the wedding industry, we are like family, so when Stacie's cousin needs help, we all want to be involved. I am requesting my test kit today, and wanted to share the need with others, so you also can participate in Helping Tami.

*You may be familiar with Stacie through her extremely popular wedding website, The Flirty Guide; she has taken all the skills she gained as a savvy web designer/blogger, and applied them to creating a this custom Helping Tami Campaign. What a great way for Stacie to show her deep family love, by taking an active role in trying to meet Tami's desperate and immediate need.

This cherry blossom photo, which I took recently in Golden Gate Park, reminds me of the background Stacie chose for Tami's website...the freshness of the blossoms provide a subtle yet clear reminder of the hope we want to see flood the life of Tami and her family.

1 comment:

The Flirty Girl said...

Thank you for posting this Jean! *Hugs* It really means a lot to me and raises my hope that despite the odds we will find Tami a match.