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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring in Bloom, San Francisco

Spring means flowers, to me anyway, and I was surrounded by the beauty of fresh flowers when I stopped by Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, on my way to Napa/Sonoma. First I enjoyed floral masterpieces designed and installed to complement art works by the Masters, at the DeYoung Museum, and then I spent some relaxed time marveling at the intricate detail of the cherry blossoms beginning to "explode" at the Japanese Tea Garden.

For 25 years the best florists in the SF Bay Area have been invited to be a part of Bouquets to Art. As the name suggests, the florists create expressions in flowers to complement the incredible works of art owned by Museums in San Francisco. Until a few years ago, the event was held at the Legion of Honor; now it is hosted by the DeYoung Museum. Both venues contain paintings, sculpture, and furniture, which the florists interpret using their own creative flair, with floral flowers. Because of my love of flowers, and of art, I lose myself for hours in the exhibits, and this year was no exception.

This is an example of how the floral designs can "mimic" the flow, colors, and feeling of a painting.

The floral design here is almost a re-creation of the content of the painting itself, but with the personal touches the florist could include, such as the 3D application of live flowers, to add texture to the red vase.

I loved this design with clearly "reflected" the movement and feel of the painting.

Can you see the rocks, the waves, and even the ship at sea, represented in this floral design?

These 4 photos represent over 120 floral creations; I ran out of time, and didn't even see some of my best friends' designs, so I am planning to go again on Friday. Bouquets to Art runs through Saturday.

When I found my way out of the DeYoung, I walked right by the SF Japanese Tea Garden, where the Japanese Cherry trees are just beginning to bloom. Seeing the trees planted beside the artistic Japanese architecture, reminded me of a giant Bouquets to Art display, but it is outdoors and the ancient trees provide the bouquets!

The Japanese Tea Garden is beautiful at any time of year, but in the Spring, when the cherry trees are in blossom, the Garden is at its best.

I positioned myself under the branches of a very old tree, which was leading all the others in bursting into bloom; the bees were particularly busy in the blossoms, so I was able to capture one of them in action!

I liked the combination of the gnarled old wood on this tree, juxtaposed against the fresh and fragile blossoms.

I encourage you to make time to enjoy the arrival of Spring; the Bouquets to Art Exhibition will last through Saturday, March 21st; the cherry blossoms will probably continue through mid April. I will leave you with a few reminders of the cherry blossoms, until you can see them for yourself!

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