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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring fun at Fogarty

Sometimes my work gives me a great excuse to play; this week my job took me to Fogarty Winery, on one of the most beautiful days of the year, to meet with 3 of my favorite people...what a wonderful combination!

The pond at Fogarty Winery is surrounded by daffodils now; you can't see it, but a turtle was sunning himself on the little wooden "island" in the center of the pond...I felt like joining him!

Just to enjoy the beauty of the Spring day, I arrived at Thomas Fogarty Winery early for my walk through appointment with Gina, my bride for May 16th, Tom Henderson, of Thomas John Events, and Susan Groves of In Full Bloom Florals. The view from the lawn where Gina and Bryan will be married in May reached all the way from San Francisco down to San Jose....on a clear day, you really can see forever!

Our meeting began with Gina and Susan going over the floral choices and details for her wedding day, determining the style, color and arrangement of decor for her ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner/dancing reception.

Susan brought a sample of the kinds of flowers which will be plentiful in May, and in the colors Gina had been considering when they first met several months ago. Since then, Gina has decided to go with an overall color scheme of various shades of pink with green and cream accents.

Gina pretended that she was aghast at the addition of blue and yellow to the selection; we were all a bit giddy with the Spring weather!

When Tom Henderson arrived, he joined in the frivolity; while asking Gina which linens she would like for her cocktail and dining tables, the choices began to seem overwhelming, so Tom took two random hand fulls of fabric swatches, and challenged Gina to choose one, any one...!! We did come up with some beautiful linen selections for Gina and Bryan's wedding decor, but we enjoyed a lot of fun and laughter in the process!

At the end of our time together, Gina stopped so I could capture one last photo reminder of our enjoyable time at Fogarty, doing the "work" we had before us! I am so grateful to be a part of Gina and Bryan's wedding team, and for the laughter we share in the process of planning!

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