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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding planning/design, a team effort!

I love working a part of a team, and when Dianna and Andy hired me, along with Gloria Tritasavit, to design and plan their July 4th wedding, I knew we were developing a wonderful team! Gloria would focus more on the design elements of the wedding, and I would handle the overarching framework for the wedding, including logistics, and advising Dianna and Andy as they hired the other needed vendors.
The contracts were signed in May, 2008, and since then Gloria and I have been enjoying working with Dianna and Andrew to fine tune and bring into reality the vision Dianna and Andy described to us. Their dreams for an elegant, chic, and yet comfortable wedding celebration is definitely coming into focus!
Yesterday we all met at the floral shop, Mints in Alameda, to view, and "play with", the mock up for Dianna and Andy's table setting.

When Andy, Dianna and I arrived at the florist shop, Gloria had a sample dinner table, set with all of the elements she and Dianna had been discussing and selecting during the last several months, but which Dianna had never seen "put together". It was amazing, and Dianna loved it!

But the reason to have such a "mock up" meeting is to look closely at each detail, and evaluate how well the total concept is supported by each one, and what might be "tweaked" a bit to improve the overall look. Here, Dianna is evaluating the tall candles, with the black and white design around them....something wasn't quite right..

The next part of the design to evaluate was the large grouping of flowers at the top of the arrangement; we all loved the combination of flowers, although Dianna and Gloria agree that we might want more of the muted pink shade, which closely replicates the pink in the elegant linen from Wildflower Linens.

Also, the size of the rounded arrangement on the top might need to be larger in circumference to better complement the size of the tables we will be using, which are 72 inches in diameter, instead of the 60 inch diameter table we were using for the mock up. Out came the measuring tape, so that Gloria and Dorothy, the owner of Mints, could estimate exactly how many more flowers it would take to enlarge the arrangement by about 2 inches all around.

This is the final design we established for Dianna and Andy's place settings; notice the tall candles now do not have the black and white detail, but instead we have added that same element to the votive candles

...it feels more open and lighter, don't you think? We do, and we are all looking forward to seeing how amazing the entire dining room at Casa Real will look filled with table decor very much like the finished product below.
And here we are, the Wedding Planning/Design Team, Andy and Dianna, engaged to be married in July, me the pink wedding planner in the back, and Gloria Wong Tritasavit, the Design mastermind in the front. We are a great team, and the fun has just begun!

One final shot before we left, this time with Andy and Dianna sitting at the proposed place settings for their guests, and including Dorothy Teng, Diana's florist, and owner of Mints; Dorothy and her sister worked long and hard on Saturday morning to put all these wonderful flowers together for our design "party".

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