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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introducing Gloria Wong Design!

My friend and colleague, Gloria Wong Tritasavit, has just launched her new website, and her new business, Gloria Wong Design. I encourage you to get to know Gloria and her incredible talent, by enjoying her website:


Gloria and I partnered on 2 weddings last year, where she handled the design concept and execution for the bride and groom, while I managed all of the other planning components, plus the overall logistical coordination.

As you can see from the photos, the designs of these two weddings were totally different, as were the couples who we were supporting in the planning of their weddings.

This wedding at the Flood Mansion represented perfectly the New York couple's love of chic and modern styles, plus their many trips to France where they honed their appreciation of fine food and aged wine, paired perfectly for a memorable meal.
(for more details about this wedding, see my blogpost

To represent their favorite things to enjoy, our other couple chose to emphasize their love of tea, books, and all things cozy....with the magical backdrop of Nestldown, Gloria and I were able to create an elegant, somewhat whimsical tribute to the enjoyment with friends of great tea, well-loved books, and of course, intricate table settings with lots of tea cups, candy dishes, cream pitchers, and sugar bowls.
(For more details see my blog post:

At the end of the wedding day, both couples could not have been more pleased with how Gloria and I, working with our strong team associates, created a truly personalized, elegant, and seamless celebration for their guests, their families and most importantly, for themselves!

Having experienced such wonderful results from our partnership, and because we so enjoy working together, Gloria and I are looking forward to many more "joint ventures" in the months and years ahead...in fact, we are working on one wedding right now for July 4th, which is going to be fantastic!
See my blog entry for more details:

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