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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A colorful bride, and new friend!

Wonderful brides like Monica who become my friends!

My last wedding of 2009 was a wonderful experience! Part of the joy was seeing the two cultures of Monica's parents come together to celebrate as one. Monica's mother is Japanese, so for after-ceremony photos, Monica put on an elegant white Kimono, sent by her grandmother who could not travel for the wedding; and after dinner, Monica changed from her wedding gown, into this incredible, hand-made Indian outfit to honor her Dad, who is from India. Truly an international celebration!

In the next few weeks, I will have more photos from the wedding and reception, at the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkely, but this shot is one Monica just sent me and it means so much because of the note that went along with it:

"Dearest Jean, Our wedding was a dream come true for me...I really loved every minute of it, and I believe that God blessed me with such a warm and caring person who would just fit into our family dynamics and faith to bring this all to together.
I know you worked so hard and dedicated so much time and effort to make this perfect, and it was!
Most of all, Jean, I felt so secure and taken care of; I felt like you were my friend by my side and even during the down time...I just never felt alone since I knew you were right there.
Everyone thanks you for making this memorable!!
Love and Thanksgiving, Monica."

What can I say?? This is WHY I am a wedding planner; because of the way I can be a support during the fun, but often challenging months needed to plan a wedding, and then remain a caring and competent presence throughout the busy hours of the wedding day itself. As my tag line puts it, "..beside the bride to help as needed." Thank you, Monica, for allowing me to be there for you...it was a privilege!

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