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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding University, the movies!

During the last several months, Andrew Hsu, owner of Studio MSV, and a member of our Wedding University team, has been making short film clips of the many hours of planning which have already gone into preparing for

Episode 2 (Jean and Jubilee discuss TWU plans in general, meet with Armando Sarabia and Gabrielle Medrano, for a photo shoot with our TWU photographer, Janae Shields, and discuss the Beauty and Attire topic for The 2010 Wedding University)

Wedding 360 Webisode 2 from andrew msv on Vimeo.

Episode 3 (Behind the scenes with Jean and Jubilee at the Four Seasons, and with Gloria Wong and Nancy Liu Chin, as they plan the designs to be used in the Design Showcase, at The Wedding University)

Wedding 360 Webisode 3 from andrew msv on Vimeo.

Episode 4: ( November, 2009, Rehearsal for professors of The 2010 Wedding University, at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley; professors practiced their presentations toh Jean, Jubilee, Janece and Amanda, the TWU Administrative team, who offered feedback. Professors pictured here include Kevin Chin,
Geoff and Lara White, Nancy Liu Chin and Gloria Wong.

Wedding 360 Webisode 4 from andrew msv on Vimeo.

Please plan to join us for The Wedding University, January 31, 2010, at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley.

Tickets to The Wedding University are a wonderful gift to give engaged couples!


$55. per person, and $100. per couple!

Consider asking parents, aunts, uncles and good friends to treat you, or other engaged couples you know, to this full day of professional wedding planning classes, taught by some of the best vendors in the SF Bay area, interspersed with the excellent cuisine of the Four Seasons!

AND don't forget the chance to win a 3 day Honeymoon stay at one of the Four Seasons Resorts!

You may register by clicking here.

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