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Monday, December 21, 2009

Time for Tea!

Renewing Friendships over Tea

When Evonne Wong let us know she would be in San Francisco for a week in December, Jubilee and I were quick to book a reservation at our favorite SF tea spot, Crown and Crumpet, for the three of us to reconnect over tea.

We could not have chosen a more perfect afternoon for tea; the view from Ghiradelli Square, where Crown and Crumpet is located, was incredibly beautiful in the late afternoon, as we sat sipping our tea.

The table setting awaiting us at our table for 3!

Jubilee taking a picture to release on Twitter and Facebook of our sumptuous tea for three sweets and savories display...I have learned when I am out with Jubilee, NOT to take any food set before me, until she has posted the image on Facebook and Twitter...the wonder of social networking sometimes lets my tea get cold!

Evonne is the owner of a very successful wedding planning company on Maui, but her roots in the SF Bay Area are still very strong, so whenever she visits family here, she also makes time for her wedding industry friends; we learn so much from each other about the wedding trends in our very different locales for serving brides and grooms, while we enjoy the Holiday pause in our busy schedules. (For Evonne's amazing photos of Crown and Crumpet, please take a look at her new photography blog.)

After our tea, we were invited by the owners of the Crown and Crumpet to enjoy shopping downstairs in their brand new gift shop, applying the 10% discount offered to all tea customers to the purchases we might make.

Evonne is taking back to Hawaii several reminders of our time together, including the Peony Pen, used by the Trolly Dollies upstairs to take our order!

And Jubilee was happy to find a few gifts for her almost 3 year old Bridgette, and for her mom.

Before we left the shop, the owner Amy Bean, took this photo of us, and spent a good deal of time chatting with us, in the typical British way, about weddings, tea and other social matters.

Since Wedding 360 is never far from our minds, Jubilee and I asked if Amy would be interested in donating a gift to be offered to The Wedding University attendees on January 31st, at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley. We were overjoyed with the offer of a tea for two gift certificate, and a discount for a Bridal Shower Tea, to the lucky engaged couple whose names are selected at the end of the event.

Thank you Amy and Chris Bean for creating such a warm and welcoming tea shoppe, and for your support of The Wedding University!