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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wedding University, A Sneak Peek!

An Afternoon of Elegance and Education
January 31, 2010 Four Seasons, Silicon Valley 11am - 5pm

We are really gearing up for Wedding University, 2010 now. I met with Armando Sarabia and Gabrielle Medrano today to go over their presentation for our students on Sunday, January 31, 2010. I don't want to give all the tips away, but here is a sample of what Armando and Gabrielle will be sharing:

Hair and Makeup--Armando
-What should I take to a Makeup and Hair Consultation?
-What happens at a consult?
-How soon should I book a consult and hire a hair/makeup artist?
-Will I need a stylist all day?
As a special bonus, Armando will be doing a live demonstration on one of The Wedding University attendees during his presentation!

Wedding Attire--Gabrielle
-What styles of gowns are best for each body type?
-How long before my wedding should I order my gown?
-How do we choose a tuxedo or suit that is a good match for the bridal gown.
-What do you need on your wedding day to best protect your gown?

Gabrielle will have models circulating throughout the day, modeling a wide range of designers, styles and price points. She and Armando will use the models as examples in their presentation, to point out how the hair style, and accessories, were chosen to create an elegant and unified look for the bride.

To give you a sample of how Armando and Gabby work together, I am including a few photos from a photo shoot we did with our TWU photographer,
Janae Shields, as a part of our preparation for The Wedding University 2010.

The model, the hair and makeup artist, the dress, and the preparation begins in one of the elegant suites at the Four Seasons...

..with hair styling completed, the gown on, and the final touches of makeup in place, it is time to go downstairs and outside for the photo shoot itself...

Armando is always close at hand with his touch up hair spray...

...as is Gabrielle, to do any necessary "fluffing" of the gown to assure the perfect shot for Janae.

The results, seen in these two pictures, show the elegance of a professionally styled, dressed, and photographed bride.

Please register for The Wedding University soon; our capacity is 150 students, and last year we did sell out. To register, click here.

All photos are by Janae Shields.