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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Behind the scenes: Ellen and Dane

My Last Wedding for 2008!!! Ellen and Dane, December 27, 2008!

Here are a few "behind the scenes" shots from this intimate 45 guest wedding celebration, which began with pre-ceremony photos at the Hotel Los Gatos.
Natalie Wi, of Allure West, in action.

The elegant pose, with Natalie out of sight!

Natalie and her husband Jung, the complete team of Allure West, actively capturing the best angles for Dane and Ellen's bridal party shots at the Hotel Los Gatos.

Ellen, with her mom, in traditional Korean dress, and her 3 bridesmaids, inside the hotel Los Gatos, before the ceremony.

After the ceremony at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, in Saratoga, the family and guests were invited to The Plumed Horse Restaurant, also in Saratoga, for a sumptuous wedding dinner, served in 7 courses, plus wedding cake!
The Plumed Horse was totally remodeled this year, re-opening just 4 months ago; the dining room and bar would not be recognizable to guests who have enjoyed eating there for last 30 years...but the food, service, and attention to detail is the same....and then some!

The modern, up-beat bar area served as the cocktail area for Ellen and Dane's guests, with gourmet passed appetizers, champagne, and live piano music.

One of the most notable additions to the Plumed Horse is the 2 story, all glass wine "cellar", which is the central feature between the bar and main dining room. I was able to walk into the chilled wine room, on the glass floor you see here, to view what represents just part of the 14,000 bottles of wine from around the world, which Josh Weeks, the manager, has available for his guests.

The tables were set for 3 to 6 guests each, allowing for relaxed visiting and shared enjoyment of the elegant dinner ahead; at each place was a box of house-made treats, including truffles, macaroons, and lychee nut candies.

Each place setting featured the square Plumed Horse charger, with a personalized menu; the centerpieces and candles, in squares to complement the charger, were provided by Susan Groves, of In Full Bloom Florals.

The wedding cake, also provided by the Plumed Horse, was also personalized with Dane and Ellen's monogram, with ribbon to match the reds and golds Ellen chose for her wedding colors.

Before her guests came into dinner, I was able to play an important behind-the-scenes mending role for Ellen!
Between the photos at the church, and the arrival at the restaurant, Ellen's train had somehow ripped apart from the "bustle", which is used to enfold the bustle closer to the wedding gown, allowing for greater ease of movement after the ceremony.
Fortunately, I have a mini sewing kit in my "little black bag", which I carry with me at all times throughout the wedding day. Within moments, using my pre-threaded needle, I was able to re-attach the hook and eye to the back of Ellen's gown, lifting the train off the floor; she was able to rejoin her guests for the cocktail hour, knowing that no one, especially Dane, would be tripping on her train!
This opportunity to meet an unexpected need, represents just one of the many behind-the-scenes activities known only to wedding coordinators, and their clients!

Ellen and Dane's wedding professionals all "came on board" 2 months before the wedding, when Dane and Ellen hired me to work with them on pulling together a Christmas time wedding.

Thanks to each of you, for jumping in with enthusiasm on short notice, in the midst of the their own family holiday and travel plans! Ellen and Dane were very fortunate to have your support, and so was I!

My Team:
Allure West Photography (www.allurewest.com)
Shawn Cavlan Beauty Company /(www.shawncavlanbeautyco.com)
In Full Bloom Florals (www.infullbloomflorals.com)
The Plumed Horse (www.theplumedhorse.com)
Out of the Envelope (www.outoftheenvelope.com
Lone Star Transportation (www.lonestartransportation.com)
Hotel Los Gatos (www.hotellosgatos.com)
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Trudy's Brides (www.trudysbrides.com)
Pruneyard Custom Tailors
Eli Thomas for Men

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