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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Neighborhood party--on ice!

Did you know it snowed last night in Palo Alto? At least at one house on my block!
Our neighbor is known for planning the most amazing parties you can imagine, and last night she brought a winter wonderland to Addison Avenue! (Robert Fountain and Taste Catering are her partners in the planning.)
About 5pm, the snow appeared, via ice truck, and snow machine; at 7pm the guests began arriving. Jeff and I were one of 350 invited guests and neighbors who were welcomed up the freshly shoveled walkway into a cozy atmosphere of hot soup, passed mini sandwiches, cappucino/hot chocolate carts, roaring fires, wine tasting, candy canes, and in the extensive back yard.....
...we found that an ice skating rink had appeared, with skates provided in all sizes, and background Christmas music to encourage dancing. My husband Jeff was one of the first two on the ice; here you see Jeff showing me that he still remembers how to skate backwards.

Now the party was not just for those who enjoy the briskness of outdoor exercise; we were also invited downstairs to enjoy the newly completed home theater, with 24 leather recliner chairs, where Christmas movies were being shown all night. Of course, what would a movie theater be without a snack bar?! This built in marble topped snack bar offered yummy fresh popcorn, all the usual candy treats(I chose Raisinettes), ice cream sandwiches, Hagen Daas bars, hot nachos and soft drinks. This was our Snack Bar Elf, who provided whatever we wanted, on the way into the movie.

1 comment:

The Flirty Girl said...

Well there you go. You know you've made it when you can buy snow like that. Each year downtown Campbell trucks in enough snow to fill a city block and lets the kids play on it all night. It is EXPENSIVE but a tradition here. At the end of the night they make the kids leave as they prepare to shovel it away to they can re-open the street and for about 15 minutes they let dogs play on it. Kitai loves it and runs and digs little holes. So cute!

What a great party!