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Friday, December 19, 2008

Enjoying the St. Regis, SF

During the Christmas Holiday, I was able to spend one luxurious night in the St. Regis Hotel, in San Francisco. The view from the 20th floor was amazing; I spent some time at my desk, supposedly working, but really gazing out the window!
I had to explore every area of the hotel, as a part of my "hotel research" to better equip me to recommend hotels to my clients for guest accommodation...PLUS, as someone who loves to travel, I make each time visit to a new hotel a mini trip; I pretend as I go up and down the elevators and hallways, that I am just off the plane, and learning my way around! No one knows the difference, and my inner need to explore new places is satisfied!

The St. Regis was built only 3 years ago, so every part of the hotel is "state of the art" in terms of design and technology. The lobby and bar has a modern, sleek feel, with a two sided fireplace providing both warmth in temperature and atmosphere.

Walking into the swimming pool and spa areas made me relax instantly...even without having the opportunity to use either facility! I can confidently recommend that a bride and her bridal party consider a time of pre-wedding spa treatments and relaxation at the St. Regis.

As soon as I have them from the photographer, I will be sharing some photos of the St. Regis Holiday Event, hosted by Barry Peterson, Catering Manager at the St. Regis. It was because of this event that I was able to "sleep over" at the St. Regis, combining my hotel research project with an "Evening of Indulgence", provided in opulent style, by Barry and his staff. More details to follow!

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