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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding University "prep 101"

Behind the scenes, planning the Wedding University, is an interesting place to be! Jubilee and I are having lots of meetings these days, the most recent of which was with our "Bridal Fashion" team.

Gabrielle's new puppy, Kingston, wanted to be a part of the group!
Gabrielle Medrano Contreros, owner of Gabrielle's Bridal Atelier, will be working with Dan McEwen of Eli Thomas for Men, and Armando, owner of Get Your Do Up, hair and makeup styling, to lead our Wedding Day Fashion Show/Seminar.
Gabrielle will provide the couture gowns, Dan will provide the elegant tuxedos, and Armando will create the hair and makeup styling for the Bride/Groom couples, who will be moving among the participants of the Wedding University throughout the day.
This is one of the 2009 gowns which will be a part of Gabrielle's informal fashion show, and will be used as an example for her discussion of the latest trends in wedding gowns. Armando will discuss how he matches his hair and makeup styling with the bride's facial features, as well as the design of her gown; as a bonus, he will demonstrate his hair styling "magic" on one of the lucky brides-to-be attending the Wedding University.

Armando and Jubilee discuss the type of hair style, veil, and other accessories to best complement the gown.

The next step is for for Armando and Gabrielle to meet with models who would like to participate in the WU Fashion Show and Seminar; a "casting call" will be held in 2 weeks, so that models from throughout the SF Bay area can meet with Gabrielle and Armando, to "try out" for the opportunity to participate in the Wedding University, Bridal Fashion Seminar, 2009!

For more information about registration, please call our Wedding University Registration Concierge:
Cassie Conching
p 650.470.2894

We encourage you to register early for the Wedding University!
The number of participants is intentionally limited, because we want to facilitate interactive learning, and that can be done best in smaller groups.

Jubilee and I see a growing enthusiasm among the wedding professionals partnering in the WU; they can't wait to share their experience and ideas with you!

Bridal Fashion Team:

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