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Friday, December 19, 2008

Wedding University, "Prep 101", cont.

Creating the "Blueprint" for our Wedding University involves lots of meetings! Last Thursday, Jubilee and I met with our logistics team to discuss delegating roles of leadership for Registration, Gift bags, Publicity, Communication with "students", and Set up of the rooms where "professors" will share their expertise, and answer questions for the participants.

Our detail team includes Janece Shelloe, Carrie Topoian, and Amanda Chan; each brings a rich background of wedding planning experience to the growing group of professionals involved in the Wedding University.

After a few hours of in depth discussion and planning, we took a break to enjoy getting to know each other better. Being at the grass roots of launching a new project naturally develops strong bonds of friendship and mutual support. We are all glad for this opportunity!

As soon as Jubilee and I left this planning meeting, we drove to our next one, with Kelly Nelson and Julie Kiendra, part of the leadership team at the Four Seasons, Silicon Valley; the idea for the Wedding University emerged several months ago, from our mutual brainstorming about how best to serve engaged couples in the Greater Bay Area. Now that our idea is becoming reality, we need even more opportunities to brainstorm, while enjoying each other's company!

We met at the new Tapas bar, Joya, in downtown Palo Alto, for some nourishing appetizers, and coffee, not wine, since this was a working meeting! We are all excited to see the plans for the Wedding University coming along so well; now it is a matter of getting all the publicity out, and then "setting the stage" at the lovely Four Seasons, Silicon Valley, for the Afternoon of Elegance and Education our Wedding University will provide for all who come!

Jean, Julie, Jubilee, and Kelly

Be sure to check out the Wedding University blog:

Please register right away, since we can only accommodate 75 couples in this Inaugural year of the Wedding University.
You may call or email Cassie Conchin at:
650.470.2894, or cassie.conchin@fourseasons.com.

You may also email or call me for more details:
jean@jeanmarksweddings.com, 650.269.6086.

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