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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colleagues/friends, at the SF City Club,

Kathleen Kirkpatrick and I drove up from Palo Alto together for Duncan Reyes showcase/party introducing his friend and colleague, Dennis Menendez, to the extensive network of wedding professionals who have known and loved Duncan for years.
I had not been to the SF City Club, but I had long wanted to see the amazing Art Deco design work I had heard about for years.
Stairs with red carpet lead to the 11th floor, where wedding reception dinners are usually held; our event was on the 10th floor. The details and decor of the City Club are rich with the look and feel of the 1920's and '30s. I love it!
Sonya Hong of Butterfly Cake provided a celebration cake for the party; the flavor was "Death by Chocolate"! What a way to go!
Dennis thanked Duncan and all the friends and colleagues who came together to create an amazing film of Dennis shooting an engagement portrait session in San Francisco; the party though organized by Duncan, was undertaken by a team of his friends who donated their time and products to help Dennis launch his career.
Duncan Reyes is the mentor/encourager who "discovered" Dennis, and worked diligently to be sure Dennis' photography talents were not overlooked by any of the cadre of wedding professionals in his large circle of friends.

Speaking of friends, the event was an opportunity for me to connect with many of my close friends, who are also colleagues...I have heard that in some areas of the country, wedding professionals do not socialize with their "competition", but in San Francisco, we all share the same passion to serve well the brides and grooms who find us, and for whom we are a good fit. If we can see we are not the best match for a couple, we refer them to another one of the creative and competent professionals who have become our friends...competition is replaced by comradery!
Tom Henderson, his fiance Michelle Moncada, and Kathleen Kirkpatrick, at the cake table, which was flanked by the floral designs of Amy Burke.
Stacie Tamaki was one of the team of professionals who supported Duncan and Dennis in the showcase/party.
Dennis thanked the amazing group of new friends in the wedding professions, who made his party possible.

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