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Friday, January 16, 2009

A January work day, in SF

What a great day to have appointments in San Francisco! I had driven up from Palo Alto to meet with a couple from Los Angeles, who will be getting married in September at the University Club, on Powell Street...I was early, so I enjoyed a latte and bagel at the hip coffee shop across from the University Club.

After soaking up the sun, and the tourist ambiance of Nob Hill, I was ready to see the venerable beauty of the historic University Club, where I have never worked, and to officially meet Kelly and Mark, with whom I have been communicating via email and phone conversations, just during the last 2 weeks.
The University Club, San Francisco, was founded in 1890; it's members have included John Muir, Luther Burbank, James Phelan, and Herbert Hoover.

As I stepped into the circular lobby of the University Club, I felt like I was stepping back into another era, surrounded by memories and rich carved wood. And then when I met Kelly and Mark, just coming out of the elevator, I realized I had just made 2 new friends! Their love for each other, and their enthusiasm about planning their wedding here at the University Club, was infectious!

Mark, Kelly and Barbara Lewis (Catering Manager for the University Club) in the University Club lobby, after their wedding planning tour and meeting.

Barbara Lewis the Catering Manager, and Michael George, the General Manager were warm, welcoming, and very excited about all the upgrades and refurbishing going on at the University Club now. All of the improvements will be done to make the venue more "wedding friendly" , but without changing in anyway the old world charm of the University Club, San Francisco.

After meeting with Kelly and Mark, showing them portfolios of my work, explaining how I like to support couples in the planning and carrying out of their wedding day, I left them my contract, took their photo, gave them a farewell hug, and walked across the street to the parking lot to get my car for the drive to my next appointment. I didn't know if I would see them again, but I was certainly hopeful, because I could tell they would be a wonderful couple to get to know.
Yesterday I was very excited to receive the email from Kelly, confirming that they do want to hire me to help them with their wedding day plans! Now I can get to know a lovely couple, and a "new-to -me" venue, both of which promise to be delightful!

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